Everybody likes watching videos online. We are always looking for new videos to either entertain us or help us learn new things from YouTube. But it’s frustrating when YouTube keeps pausing.

Some issues regarding the auto-pause of the videos are actual issues where some can be taken as benefits as well. Many of us might have experienced this problem. It is not a serious issue to fear. In this article, we will discuss why YouTube keeps pausing itself and check out some fixes.

Why Do YouTube Videos Keep Pausing?

There might be plenty of reasons why YouTube pauses automatically. Some issues are because of us, and some issues are caused by YouTube itself. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms with billions of visits every day. Like many other apps, it is also not perfect There are many glitches. Auto pause is more annoying than most because we get interrupted while watching an interesting YouTube video. 

Some of the reasons why your YouTube video keeps pausing are

  1. Old version
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Network issue
  4. Remind me to take a break feature
  5. Loose Headphone jack
  6. Other software
  7. Browser issue
    • related to cache and cookies
    • browser extensions
  8. YouTube fault
  9. Device issue

Old Version

This issue is completely for the mobile users, who are facing issues with the YouTube application. Most of the users commonly choose not to auto-update the application on their devices. But the updates are made available to remove issues and also for some changes to make. However, people might not know it and welcome some issues by not updating the app.

If not updated, there is a high chance of the app getting crashed and stopping playing videos randomly. Sometimes, the app does not open and you will need to “force stop” it.

To resolve this problem, you can simply check your App Store or Google Play Store and search for YouTube. Then check if your installed YouTube application is the latest version or not. If not, update it to the latest version.

If the application is updated to the latest version and still has the same issue then check out other solutions in this article.

Clear Cache

The cache is another reason which causes YouTube videos to pause randomly. The cache is the stored data of previously loaded videos on YouTube. It helps to load those videos faster when you play them again. If you do not clean them for a long time, the app size becomes too large and the app starts to crash. So, try clearing your YouTube app’s cache on your device. To do that, follow the steps below

  • Go to Settings on your phone, or long-press on YouTube’s icon. “App info” will pop up and tap on it. Alternately, navigate to settings> applications>. application on mobile settings youtube settings
  • On the App info screen, tap on “Storage”. Find the “Clear Cache” button.storage issue on youtube application
  • You will need to tap on that button to clear out the video cache.youtuve keep pausing solution

After clearing the cache, it will work and you won’t face auto pausing video issues on YouTube or app crashing.

Network issues

YouTube streaming is completely based on the network. If your network speed or bandwidth is good then you won’t face these kinds of issues. If your network has issues then your YouTube streaming will pause randomly because videos will buffer slow. YouTube’s algorithm will pause the video whenever there is a network issue and will continue to play after the video loads completely or downloads fully in the cache.

For network issues, you can simply check if your internet connection is stable or not. You will get many online software and websites to check internet connection. And always try restarting your router when you face internet speed issues.

Heres, how much YouTube video quality consumes the internet data per minute.

YouTube video quality Data consumed per minute
144p1.9 MB
240p2.7 MB
360p4.4 MB
480p7.7 MB
720p HD14.5 MB
1080p HD27.6 MB

YouTube’s Remind me to take a break feature

Many users might not know about this feature. But YouTube has this feature for our health. This feature is very useful for people who don’t keep time records of using a YouTube app. When someone starts watching on YouTube, they might end up watching numerous videos continuously for hours.

Remind me to take a break feature allows YouTube to stop the video and close the application automatically. But it needs to be turned on and the timer should be set up manually. It might be you have turned it on mistakenly or forgot about it. This feature allows users to set time from 5 minutes to 23 hours and 55 minutes to remind them. YouTube will pause video exactly when the time is meat. 

If the feature is turned on your YouTube application, then you can turn it off by following the steps below:

  • First of all, open the YouTube app on your device. Note: this feature is available in Android and iOS applications only.
  • Then go for the YouTube settings. You will find it under the profile icon on the top right corner.youtube videos pausing it self
  • As you see “Settings”, tap on it. And navigate to the “General” option. settings to play YouTube videos continuously general settings of youtube you should know
  • Inside general, you will see the “Remind me to take a break” option. Tap on it to turn it off. turn off remind me to take a break feature on youtube

Now your YouTube videos won’t stop automatically. This will turn off the Remind me to take a break feature on your device’s YouTube app. 

Loose Headphone Jack

A most common problem for YouTube videos pausing itself is loose headphone ack. This issue is found in both browsers and the application. So, if you listen to or play YouTube videos by connecting headphones or earphones you might face this problem.

The earphone/headphone jack will pop out automatically from the headphone port of your device if it is loose. When popped out, it will pause the YouTube video that you are playing. The earphone jack doesn’t need to be the faulty one. Sometimes, the port might get damaged and can’t hold the jack properly.

You might wonder “ Why does YouTube pause videos every time the earphone disconnects?” Actually, it’s a feature by YouTube itself which is quite useful.

For example: just unplug the earphone or headphones to pause the video and listen nearby without taking off the earpiece.

Additionally, if you want to get rid of this problem make sure your headphone port isn’t loose or the earphone itself isn’t faulty.

Other Software

It sounds a bit weird but there is a high chance that other software and applications are interrupting your connection. If you use anti-virus software, then in some cases they take YouTube as a threat. Or you have some third-party software that automatically downloads data from the cloud which will give network issues.

Some other applications running in the background can also cause a random crash of the YouTube application. To solve these kinds of issues, you can counter background running apps and shut them down. Also, try disabling anti-virus software, if you have one running.

Browser issues

If you are using a browser to stream videos on YouTube then there might also be some issues. As we talked about earlier in the cache section which was based on mobile applications. However, browsers also store cache data of previously played videos. Not only that, but browser extensions we use can also give issues of pausing videos.  

Clear Browser Cache

You can start by clearing the browser cache to prevent YouTube auto-pause issues. To clear browser cache, follow the steps written below:

  • Open the browser and check for the options icon on the top right corner of the browser. profile on google chrome browser
  • Go for the “More tools” option and from there “Clear browsing data”. extentionfor videos pausing on youtube
  • Alternately, go to “Settings” settings of browser and then “Security and Privacy” security and privacy settings on chrome. There you will see “Clear browsing data
  • There you will see two tabs where one of them is “Basic”. Under the basic tab, you will need to check only the third option, that is “Cached images and files”. clear cache of youtube browsing
  • Once done click on the “Clear data” button.

After clearing the browser cache, play YouTube videos again. It will work without any interruptions.

Browser extensions

We normally use different kinds of extensions on our browser, which have their specific work. These extensions sometimes are responsible for stoping YouTube videos.

Try disabling all the extensions from your browser and check for whether the issue remains or not. To disable extensions from your browser, follow mentioned step:

For Google Chrome:

  • Enter the Extension page from the settings or simply enter chrome://extensions in the URL address bar. google chrome extentions
  • The list of extensions that you have installed will appear here. disable extensions on browser Toggle each and every extension off.

Some folks also use extensions to play non-stop YouTube videos. And it does work well.

Again, if you face a YouTube pausing problem, after trying clearing cache and turning off extensions then better to try a new browser or re-install the browser.

YouTube Fault

Sometimes, glitches occur from the core itself. Meaning, YouTube server might be having problems. At those times, you better go for the YouTube Help Center or just wait for the YouTube Technical Team to fix it.

Device issue

YouTube is a popular application that is used by many people. YouTube always maintains the app and ads features. It is possible that the newer versions might not support older devices or devices with low space. To update each time, you shall have enough memory on your device.


YouTube playback problems are very irritating. These problems can occur due to users’ mistakes or from the YouTube server itself.

Rechecking your internet connection or simply turning off the Remind me to take a Break feature can be a quick fix.

Hope you find the article helpful for you. Please comment down any queries you have. Thank you for reading till the end.


How do I fix the YouTube auto-pause problem?

First of all, break down the actual problem. See for the main problem that you are facing. Then you can clear the cache if there is a cache issue. Turn off the “Remind me to take a break” feature if it is turned on, update the application to the latest version if it is running in the older version, 

Why does my YouTube keep pausing on firestick?

Firesticks also use YouTube App. So, it might be an internet issue or a cache issue. Try clearing the cache of the YouTube app for cache issues. And try checking the internet bandwidth through any bandwidth checking software. If there is a problem with the bandwidth then, contact your ISP – internet service provider.

Why does YouTube keep pausing on my TV?

On smart TV, YouTube video pauses automatically when the app starts to take up a huge space on the storage. You can overcome that issue by clearing the cache of the app. Also, best when you clear the cache of the whole TV.


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