As the world gets smart with smart devices, also the bikes are now getting smart. Yamaha is bringing Connect X to the Yamaha motorcycles. Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X was recently unveiled and this new technology is already implemented on the all-new Yamaha FZs V3. So, what actually is “Connect X”?

yamaha motorcycle connect x in nepal

Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X

The new feature Connect X of Yamaha Motors is simply a Bluetooth enabled smartphone and motorcycle connecting feature. Same as, TVS’s Smart X Connect or the TVS Connect which helps in connecting smartphone and motorcycle through Bluetooth to enable new features.

This new Connect X application enabled with Bluetooth technology helps an all-in-one experience of riding and maintenance to the users in exclusive ways. Connect X was also introduced as “Bluetooth enabled technology” which looks forward to provide full benefits of understanding the bike by rider and use each feature nicely.

Yamaha Motorcycle connect X Features

The Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X comes with six features which are divided into two categories: information and connectivity. Features are: Answer Back, E-Lock, Locate My Bike, Riding History, Hazard and Parking Record.

connect x in fzs

Answer Back

By connecting a smartphone with your bike through Connect X, it will notify riders about incoming calls. Meaning, bike side indicators will start blinking twice and horn will start beep with it too whenever the phone rings. This feature is very useful for those who don’t feel the phone vibration when riding or the smartphone is inside the bag.


The E-lock feature will smartly lock your bike to prevent theft cases. This will work by a pattern like a smartphone pattern. Meaning, the user can set the four-sequence pattern of side indicators through the smartphone. If your smartphone isn’t with you then, you can manually unlock your vehicle by turning the side indicators as per the pattern you have set.


Another most important feature is the Hazard lights. Most bikes don’t have it and only some of the expensive bikes come with this feature. By tapping the Hazard option on the Connect X app on your smartphone, all the indicators will start to blink. This will notify other riders in the road to be cautious.

Riding History

Users will be able to view all the ride history that users have made. Also, riders will be able to view individual trip details of each and every ride. It will include distance cover, average speed, brake count and battery voltage.

Locate My Bike

When this is enabled, all the four indicators will blink continuously for 10 seconds to grab your attention. It will work on big parking lots with a huge number of bikes and also underground parking where it’s dark.

Parking Record

This will inform you about the recent parked location of your bike using GPS. The location will be shown in the map on your smartphone. And it will help you to lead to the location where you have parked your bike as well.

connect x download

So, these are the features that can be enabled / accessed with the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X application. And one app can have multiple Yamaha bikes added on it.

You can download the application for free from Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS phones. The app size is only around 30 MB for Android and 4 MB for iOS. So, the app will be compatible with any Android device having Android version 8 or more. And for iOS above 11 will work.

Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X Availability

For now, Yamaha has made it available for the Yamaha FZS FI Version 3.0 BS6 and Yamaha FZ BS6 only. And Yamaha also made it possible to buy the kit in India. So, no other Yamaha bikes and scooters have it.


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