Apple’s midyear WWDC 2020 event started with the Tim Cook Addressing the empty auditorium about Black Lives Matter and Corona virus. Later, it ran into announcement of iOS 14 and its home screen redesign with new widgets. Further, the new iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, tvOS 14 and watchOS 7 were also announced. Public betas will start next month. Moreover, the event was dedicated only to exciting software changes coming to Apple’s products. Whereas, no hardware was revealed.

Okay, what’s so exciting in these software? iOS 14 will auto organize app collection, enhance Maps with greener navigation options, enhance group chats and much more. Likewise, iPadOS 14 will get some of those iOS perks itself along with more features that take advantage of tablet screens, like ‘sidebars’ filled with useful shortcuts and more robust menu choices. Similarly WatchOS 7 comes with various workout modes, sleep tracking and better customization of watch faces. As Coronavirus is concern, it even tracks how long you wash your hands. Further, TvOS 14 is adding picture in picture and support for Xbox Controller. And the Big news, MacOS 11 Big Sur gets interface refinement and changes to Finder and the Toolbar.

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Everything we heard at WWDC 2020

wwdc 2020  hghtlights

Mac’s Apple Chipset

Apple announced that they are officially shifting away from Intel chips to custom designed chips based on ARM. Thus, Apple’s designed silicon will be the future of Apple desktop. To meet your anticipation, the Apple chipset will be released before the end of the year. In the meantime of 2 years, Apple silicon will roll out across rest of the Mac.

We know that, the ARM based chips developed by Apple for its iPhone, iPads and Apple watches focuses on performance and power management. Likewise, the new Mac chipset will also emphasis on performance per watt and higher GPU performance. Alongside the neural engine will help developer to use machine learning. Similarly this will create a common architecture across Apple ecosystem, helping developer to write and optimize software with ease for its entire products.

 Further, Apple is recreating its apps to run natively on the new platform. And for third party developer it’s launching a Quick Start Program. The program provides access to documentation, forums support and beta version of macOS Big Sur and Xcode12, along with the limited use of Development ransition kit (DTK). DTK consists of Mac mini running A122 Bionic SoC, paired with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. It is available now and costs $500.

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iOS 14

iOS 14 come with a bunch of new features familiar to Android. The page on the Home Screen Page will be auto generated collections of app. You also can hide the pages of app we don’t use. Likewise, home screen widget has been added. Widget are more data rich and comes with variety of sizes.

wwdc 2020 ios 14

Siri no longer has a full screen UI, opting instead for a small popup at the bottom of the display. Also, translation function is available which seems like Google Translate Clone with live conversation support. It can send audio messages as well. Picture-in-Picture video viewing is now available for iOS. It works similar to that of android. iMessages has been improved too with inline replies, mentions and pinned conversations.

iOS 14 cycling direction

Apple maps has been upgraded offering cycling directions. It will be added to couple of big cities at first. Cycling will give you ideas of elevation and suggested routes. A new dedicated EV mode will track routes from EV recharging station to recharging station. Lastly, guides will let you discover restaurant, popular attractions and explore recommendations from brands.

CarPlay has some upgrades too, lets you make you iPhone your car key. The first car including this feature is the new BMW 5 Series. In the event, we someone unlock their door via NFC on the iPhone. It also allow you to share your car key through iMessage. This will also be available in July for iOS 13 users.

Finally, the App Stores will get improvement in the form of new App Clips. These clips are the digital popups promoting users to discover and use without installing the corresponding app. They work with Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple. These can be very helpful as the lengthy process of registering with a new services will be done with one touch.

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iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14 comes with more features with redesigned apps that takes more advantage of tablet screen space.


Siri, incoming call screen have been reduced to just a notification tab at the top. Similar to iOS 14 widgets and app auto organizing features are also coming to iPadOS 14. Similarly, apps such as photos , files and music will get sidebar. Thus speeding up navigation and letting to jump through different parts of the UI. While listening to music in full screen mode art and lyrics is added. Search has now been enhanced, capable of working from every part of the UI. Now, you can search for the content of the apps as well.

Apple Pencil have also been upgraded. The new scribble functionality lets you manage handwriting and will automatically convert into type text. It recognizes letters shapes and also support multiple languages at the same time. Similarly, it fixes the shapes of your drawings. Likewise, the hand written words can be copied and pasted into another apps, where it will convert to typed text.

WatchOS 7

watchOS 7

The all new WatchOS 7 brings sleep tracking and feeds weekly sleep trends to Health app on the Apple Watch and linked iPhone.

Wind Down mode lets user to customize pre bedtime routine and users can be woken up with audio tone, haptic vibrations or personal alarms. While in sleep mode the watch automatically activate the Do Not Disturb mode and darkens the screen. And when you wake up the watch greets you by a wake up screen with status updates like temperature notifications and battery life.

Corona virus has made it mandateroy to wash hand time and again. Thus Apple has introduced hand washing detection with watchOS 7. It detects and analyze audio to monitor whether you’re washing hand, it will initiate a 20 second timer. And if you finish early you’ll be prompt to keep doing, once completed prompts with “well done” at the end.

Workouts are also getting updates with four new workout types: core training, dance, functional strength training and cooldown. The corresponding activity app in iPhone have been redesigned and now called Fitness.

watchOS 7 brings unique combinations of infinite customizable and personalized faces. Apple’s also included watch face sharing feature. When you share a watch face you like click the button prompt and it will download.

Maps have improved, added cycling tracks just like iOS 14 and watchOS 7. And Siri can translate languages from your watch. Additionally, the watch will notify you when you reached 100% of the safe weekly listening to media on your headphone across your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

macOS Big Sur

macOS big sur

macOS Big Sur, the company’s desktop operating system announced with a brand new UI and significant changes to some of its apps.

safari wwdc 2020

Safari now features a new start page with customizable background images. It provides 50% faster performance than chrome on frequently visited website as claimed by apple. The tabs UI changed with increased tab density, ability to close a group of tabs at once and previews on hover. Likewise, Safari will monitor your saved passwords and compare them against data breaches,

macOS inherits the control center from iOS, allowing users quick access to brightness and other settings. It also includes notification center that lists notifications and widgets too. Maps will get improvements similar to iOS 14 like cycling and electric vehicle station navigations

tvOS 14

The tvOS 14 will add picture-in-picture and support for Xbox controller. Thus, enabling multi user support, support added for specially the Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller


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