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left align windows 11 taskbar

How to left Align Windows 11 Taskbar, switch to Windows 10 Taskbar?

Left align Windows 11 taskbar: Windows 11 brings the centrally aligned taskbar. Here we will show you how to switch back Windows 11 taskbar to Windows 10.
The next generation windows

Microsoft to unveil “The Next Generation of Windows” later this month

Microsoft is ready and set to unveil a new version of Windows on June 24. The announcement came out a week after the company's CEO Satya Nadella announced an...
change text size in cmd, change font in cmd, change color in cmd

How to change text size and background color on Command Prompt

Command Prompt or cmd is a command line interpreter application on Windows operating systems. Command prompt is also known as Ms-DOS Prompt. It is basically used for performing advanced...
What is Spacedesk? How does spacedesk works?

SpaceDesk: Use Android or iOS Device as Secondary screen

Sometimes while working on your PC, you might have a random thought about second monitor. Or you just need external monitor for the work that are being pursued. And...
malware protection

How to protect your Windows PC from malware?

Malware is looking for new ways to infect computers. Malware protection is very essential to protect your PC. Tips to keep your data and account safe and reduce risk Keep...

Adrozek Malware Infecting 30,000 Windows PC daily: Microsoft Warns

Microsoft has issued a cautionary alert for browser users. A new malware called Adrozek is infecting Windows PC’s to inject unauthorized ads into users.  The company said the malware...
android notifications on windows, android and windows, notifications on windows

How to Get Phone Notifications on Windows? Your Phone Companion

If you spend a lot of time on a Windows computer or laptop, you may want to see phone notifications on windows PC. Just to avoid using mobile from...
Microsoft word full dark mode

Microsoft Office Word Desktop to Receive Full Dark Mode

System wide dark mode is becoming increasingly popular for many operating system. The Microsoft office apps for Windows got support for dark theme some time ago. However, only some...
check your computers full specifications

How to Check Computer’s Full Specification on Windows 10

Computer constitute of various hardware and software.  It is always good to have knowledge about computer's full specification. If you are using a desktop computer or laptop it doesn’t...
schedule system backup windows 10. back up data on windows, windows data backup

How to Create and Schedule System Backup on Windows 10?

Microsoft provides free Backup and Restore tools in Windows 10. A brief insight on how to create and schedule system backup on windows 10.