Optical Fiber

Fiber internet is very popular nowadays. Optical fiber is used in fiber internet. Until a few years ago, broadband internet connections were rarely based on fiber.

Instead, the Internet was made available to users via wireless and WiMAX, or simply cable. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

The reason for this is that speed can be achieved very fast from fiber internet i.e. more and more data can be transferred from it. Fiber Internet is new to the average user.

But in the world of internet, fiber internet has been used for a long time. However, in 1950, fiber cables were developed for medical purposes.

It was invented so that doctors could look inside a patient’s body through a fiber cable without major surgery. In a way, the Internet network all over the world would not be possible without fiber.

Fiber is spread all over the world like a spider’s web and that is why the internet is reaching you. Today we are going to tell you about how this optical fiber technology works.

What is optical fiber?

You can understand fiber optics as a means of transmission. Or you can take it as a thin pipe in which data travels at the speed of light. Fibers tend to be thinner than just hair and are much longer.

Many hairs, like fiber optics, are protected by an outer layer or outer shell. So that they do not break.

The fiber is kept as a bundle and is called optical cable. What is special about fiber optics is that they carry data over a very long distance through light.

Because the speed of light is very fast. Therefore, optical fiber is used to transmit data.

If you look closely at the fiber optics, you will find that the thinner part of the wire is thinner than the hair. If you put a laser light on one side of the blank, you can see the other side.

This method is used when the optical fiber is broken somewhere or there is a problem with it. There are more than one fiber stand inside a cable.

Optical Fiber

So much so that cables that run through the ocean contain thousands of thin fibers. Which is kept inside a cable.

This is called core in technical language. In this sense, if 10 fibers are going in a cable, you can call it 10 core optical fiber.

If you look at it closely, you can even see the glass. It also has a core, cladding and buffer coating.

A buffer coating is a plastic coating that protects the fiber from damage. Outside of this there is an outer layer, which is also called a jacket.

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How does fiber optics work?

You can understand it as a pipe. In which data is transmitted through light.

Fiber optics walls are designed so that light does not collide with it and travel far and wide.

What if the wire is twisted somewhere? In such a case, the light cannot move forward. Not being able to move the light means the internet is down.

But to prevent this kind of situation, there is cladding inside the cable. Through which the light constantly stumbles and moves forward.

You can also call cladding a glass wall. Cladding cannot absorb light. That is why the light is moving forward. That is why light can easily travel thousands of kilometers.

As mentioned earlier, here data travels through light. It should be noted that the speed of light in a vacuum is about three lakh kilometers per second.

In this case you can estimate how fast the data can travel in it. There is nothing faster than light nowadays and it is used in fiber optics.

If we talk about traditional internet only, it has transmission from electrical signal. Which tends to be much slower than light.

Fiber optic cables can transmit data faster than copper and even satellites. Fiber optics is considered to be very good even in terms of data security because hacking fiber optic cable is a much more difficult task than even satellite or copper wire.


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