Yahoo is an universal online service provider. A single person is able to use all the yahoo services provided by using the same single account. And also, the same particular person is able to create more than one account. Similarly, yahoo will be needing to provide the best security for all the accounts. That has been signed and created to use the yahoo services. Yahoo has some minor security like signing in passwords. And also the two-step verification login process for a little higher security. But a better way of protecting your yahoo account is to activate yahoo account key.
Very few people using yahoo accounts know about the Yahoo Key. The Yahoo key is there for the reason. And the reason is to provide security for yahoo accounts. Yahoo key is safer than the two-step verification login. That is provided by yahoo itself in settings and also less time consuming. A notification is sent to a mobile device/ registered number. And from that you can approve the access by tapping on your phone notification. This will make your account safer by not letting other people access your account without your permission.

To activate the Yahoo account key on your yahoo account, you can follow steps below:

    1. The steps need to be followed in the browser. So, make sure you have signed in your yahoo account on your browser. If the yahoo account is not signed in already, then you will need to sign in your account first. By entering the sign in page by searching on search engine. Also, you can straight type in the yahoo login page’s URL in the URL segment.
    2. On the log in page, you will see a login form. With blank spaces inside the form on the right side of the screen. The blank space is there so that you can type down your email address that you use in yahoo account on the first appeared blank. Then you need to move to next page of the login process and then there type the login password in next provided blank.
    3. After that you will need to click on the given button for sign in which will make you log in your account. As you enter the inbox page of your yahoo account (is also the homepage after logging your account), you will need to click on the profile logo icon with your name on side. Then select the “Account Info” text from the drop-down option.
    4. In the account info page, you should go for the “Account Security” section. There you will see the Yahoo Account Key option and also a button below the option which you will need to click.

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  1. After that you will be shown the steps on screen how it will work. As well as, you will be required to be already logged on your account on at least one of the yahoo mobile app from the mobile phone device. And remember, same account must be signed in.
  2. After the steps followed from the beginning, you will get to see “Let’s Try” and after that, you will be headed towards the login page again. And there, you will again need to login your account. Then after that you will receive a push notification on your selected device/ phone having yahoo app. There you will need to tap or click to access the account on other devices.
This is how Yahoo account key works for security and these above steps shows you how to activate yahoo account key on your yahoo account. Make sure same account is logged in the mobile app on the mobile phone device.
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