Last update we updated when Vivo Origin OS will launch. Following that, Vivo have detailed out the Origin OS details. And showed how much different from the FuntouchOS. Because Vivo OriginOS will replace the FuntouchOS on Vivo smartphones.

This new OS provides new experience with widget, gesture, memory optimizations and many more. So, hop on and continue reading to know more about Vivo OriginOS features.

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Vivo Origin OS Features Highlights

Behavioral Wallpaper

OriginOS features behavioral wallpaper meaning users will be able to see a flower bloom right in front of their eyes. The example can be seen from the press initiation for the OriginOS Launch event.

Vivo working on Origin for the past 1 year shows the best results on its new features. Behavioral wallpaper works using a special effects algorithm technology. Making it able to show beautiful visual perceptions with unique underling rendering. The detail we will pursue in this will be far different from the ordinary dynamic wallpapers.

VIvo OriginsOS Wallpapers, VIvo Origins OS behavioral wallpapers

Most interesting part, it also incorporates data about the number of steps users have taken. Setting up the step goal and completing it will bloom a flower. Otherwise, it won’t bloom.

Huarong Grid

Vivo brought a new desktop grip system named “Huarong Grid” which is inspired from Huarong Road. This allows the system to perfectly fit the silver split ratio. Which will allow users to have flexibility and freedom to showcase every element of your desktop.

huarong grid, VIvo OriginsOS widgets

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Vivo Origin OS Apps, Gestures and Icon

OriginOS has the feature to change the widget’s look as per the information. Weather app can change the look for a sun or a rainy cloud. Also, with 90 color values, the temperature color card changes accordingly.

Tapping on a widget expands it to reveal additional information and controls. 26 kinds of gesture combinations can be covered. Also, users can mix and match gestures in any combinations.

Origin OS gestures

Notifications and Component Library

Interestingly, “Nano Alerts” are one of the key highlights of the Vivo Origin OS. Which means, an application’s notifications will be shown within the application widget. Also known as “Atomic Notifications”, meaning small.

Library allows users to drag and drop icons on the UI. However, OriginOS also generates a small window to provide multitasking scenes. Vivo is providing the best UI experience through Origin OS.

Sky / Time Window

As similar to behavioral wallpaper, OriginOS has also brought the sky and time window feature. This will portray a real-life phenomena on the screen. The clouds will change accordingly to the location tracked. Even the shape and size changes and moves with the speed of wind.

Time window will manage to change visually as per the light and shadow. This will take over the original kind of wallpaper.

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Vivo Origin OS Multi-Turbo 5.0

OriginOS comes with Multi-Turbo 5.0, which helps in optimizing memory in different techniques. Memory Fusion, will add 3 GB of extra RAM by shuffling data to the flash storage. Then the second feature is to optimize memory usage where help is software to use less RAM to begin.

Finally, app preload which helps speed up the application start time by guessing which app users will use next. This will be the most interesting feature to optimize the memory.

Parallel World

Parallel world is like a dual system where users can freely choose between atomic components or the original one. However, this will help different users with different perspectives of use of UI.

About adaptation, the company has announced that the update will start in 2021 next year. So, for now, we only have the details of the Origin OS.


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