Games are often played on a computer or gaming console and involve shooting virtual weapons at enemies or targets in a virtual world. Shooting games can be fun and provide a sense of accomplishment. Although schools restrict and block games on the Chromebooks provided for their students, unblocked, shooting games have become a popular pastime for many students, particularly in high school and middle school.

Many students choose unblocked shooting games in school as they can be played in a browser, which means they can be accessed even if the school has blocked certain websites or gaming platforms. This can be especially appealing to students looking for ways to pass the time during breaks or after school.

Another primary reason for choosing unblocked shooting games is the interest in playing shooter genre games. Shooter games are much more fun than any other category, and one will never lose interest while playing a shooting game.

Similarly, if you love shooting games, check the list below for the best-unblocked games in the shooting category.

Top 10 Shooting Games Unblocked at School

There are many unblocked shooting games to play at school. Most of those games are browser games, so it is available for free to play. FYI, not all shooting games lie under the action category. There are other genres that draw influence from shooting games. Examples include tactical shooter games, rail shooters, and even puzzle games that involve shooting elements.

Tactical shooter games draw from the strategic elements of shooting games, such as making use of cover and planning out your approach, but the focus is more on the game’s tactics rather than the shooting itself. Rail shooters are a type of shooting game where the player is restricted to a linear path and has to shoot at enemies as they appear. Whereas puzzle games that involve shooting elements combine the reflex and accuracy of shooting games with the puzzle-solving elements of traditional puzzle games.

Now, let’s start with the games from here!

Combat Reloaded

combat reloaded

Combat Reloaded is an online multiplayer shooting game developed by NadGames. One of the most exciting fps games to play at school, work, or even at home, this game supports multiple players, and they can join an elite squad and battle up to 10 players. There are five different game modes across dozens of unique maps.

Players can join an existing room or start their own custom room to start playing the game. Each room can have a maximum of 14 players. To play the character, use the mouse to aim and left-click to shoot, Similarly, the WASD keys to move around the area, the spacebar to jump, and the 1-9 number keys to change weapons.

To continue the fun, the creators have also created the second version of this game, Combat Reloaded 2 (2019). Several other titles include Combat Online (Combat 5), Rebels Clash, Bomber Royale, and PixWars 2.

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The Raze is an action-packed classic shooter flash game in which players battle against aliens, robots, zombies, and other humans. It features a variety of game modes, including two campaigns—a human campaign and an alien campaign. The alien mode can only be unlocked after the human mode is completed.

Rather than being linear, the levels in each campaign are more like multiplayer matches in an arena against AI opponents. Players can choose from different mission types, such as Deathmatch, Team Elimination, and Team Deathmatch, when playing the game.

Alongside the campaigns, players can also customize their own match experiences. They can select from a range of maps featured in the campaigns and determine the number of friendly and enemy AI opponents they would like to face. Further, there are other customizable options for the player to explore.

The controls of the game are like “W or Up Arrow” to jump and double jump, “A or Left Arrow” to move left, “D or Right Arrow” to move right, and “S or Down Arrow” to crouch. To fire a weapon, use the left mouse button, and to select and equip specific weapons, use the number keys 1-0. Following that, “Q & E or Enter and Shift” to switch between weapons, “P or Ctrl” to pause the game, and “Tab” to see scores.

Note that: Raze is a classic flash game. Almost all flash games are non-playable at the current time. Only a few websites allow playing flash with extra software installation. So, do a little research on the playable link for the game. Or you can simply find alternatives for this game as well.

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Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes unblocked

Strike Force Heroes is a classic flash game with intense action and an epic story. This new 2D shooter from the creators of Raze offers 3 game modes: Campaign, Challenges, and Quick match. Campaign and Challenge modes consist of 15 different missions. The game recommends players complete campaign mode first to get with the game easily. Also, this mode is based on tutorial mode. Challenges mode is a bit harder than a campaign. Whereas quick match mode is where you can set the game according to yourself, harder or easier settings can be pre-set.

More about quick match mode, you will find 5 more sub-modes to play on: Domination, Deathmatch, Team deathmatch, Juggernaut, and Capture the Flag. Each sub-modes have its own gameplay.

The game is quite interesting because players can choose between more than 65 weapons. Not only that, players can choose four unique classes of characters with exclusive weapons, outfits, and abilities, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle. Players can choose between the Assassin, which excels at taking out enemies in one shot, and the Tank, which can take a lot of damage. Similarly, the other two characters are Medic and Commanda, with their own unique playstyles.

Finally, players control their characters with the WASD or arrow keys for movement. To jump, press “W”, “Up”, or “Space”, and to crouch, press “S” or “Down”. Similarly, “Q or Shift” for switching weapons, “E or Ctrl” for activating Killstreaks, and “R” for reloading. Aiming and shooting are done with the mouse, like in most other shooting games.

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Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem shooter game

Gun Mayhem is an exciting flash format thrilling shooting game where players must fight against AI opponents to survive. The goal of the game is to take down all enemies by shooting them down. It is a simple and enjoyable game, perfect for adventurers looking for a thrilling experience.

The player can choose from two game modes, Campaign and Custom Game, and play up to four players in co-op mode. There are 12 different maps to navigate through, ranging from prehistoric to modern times.

This is a multiplayer shooting game featuring a customizable character and unlockable weapons. Players must collect points to upgrade their weapons and gain access to powerful firearms. They can also collect support items to give them power against their opponents. There are 64 guns in the game, which can be divided into submachine guns, snipers, shotguns, assault rifles, light machine guns, specials, and handguns.

There can only be one winner, so use your skills and strategy to destroy the opponent by hitting them and pushing them off cliffs with bullets or bombs. Players can also dodge their opponent’s bullets by jumping or roaming around.

You can find other gun games from the creators, like Gun mayhem 2, which is the second part of this game.

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Endless War 7

Endless War 7

Endless War 7 is a simple tank war game based on World War 2. This game is the final part of the endless war series. One can understand the game and have fun at the same time if all the parts are played serially. Its Endless War series has a storytelling gameplay which makes it more interesting.

In this game, the player just needs to control the tank and start shooting the enemies. To control the tank, WASD keys to move around, and “C and F” keys to switch between the previous and next gun, respectively. Players can utilize the mouse for directing and firing shots. By manipulating the mouse, players can acquire better accuracy and precision when aiming their weapons.

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Crazy Flasher 3

Crazy Flasher 3 shooter game unblocked

Another flash shooter game online with few games as series parts. Crazy Flasher is available in up to 6 parts. It is well known as the king of death match action game. Though the game is action themed, it has gun-shooting gameplay with different weapons to choose from.

The ultimate goal of the character is to be a first-class street fighter. This is what makes it interesting, as players are engaged in either story mode or deathmatch challenges for money to buy new weapons. The game starts from the very beginning for the character. As the player will have no weapon in the first phase. He/she will need to earn and buy weapons and upgrade them too.

Players can use the “WASD” keys to move the character in different directions. Similarly, ‘B’ to attack, ‘N’ to jump, ‘M’ to use special weapons, and “Space Bar” to choose weapons. The controls can be differed as per the game part you are playing. For that, you can check the description of the controls in the particular game.

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Urban Sniper

Urban Sniper fps unblocked

Urban Sniper is a multiplayer free online game with a realistic first-person shooter game that can be played for free on the browser. Players take on the role of professional snipers tasked with completing various missions. The game features four different sniper weapons to play with and up to 16 players. This game has realistic 3D graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and realistic weapon sound effects.

To play, the user must fill in their name and join a server to take part in a firefight for survival. The objective of the game is to gain the highest score by shooting opponents while avoiding being shot in return. Players can use various tactics to eliminate their enemies, such as using the environment to their advantage and taking cover when under fire.

Players can use the W, A, S, D, or arrow keys to move around the map, the “Space” key to jump, the ‘C’ key to crouch, the mouse to aim, and left-click to shoot.

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Zombie Apocalypse: Survival War

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival War

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival WarZ is a thrilling real-time strategy game to play online on a browser at school. In Zombie Apocalypse: Survival WarZ, you must survive in a zombie-infested world. The player is in the center of a post-apocalyptic zombie-crawling world. The character must survive and complete missions by killing a certain number of zombies. There are 3 missions to complete.

Your resources will be the weapons that will be found on the map while exploring around. You will need to find weapons for your safety and also stay away from the zombies, as contact with them will cause you to become one.

In this game, the “WASD or arrow keys” are used for movement, the left mouse button is used to shoot, and the right mouse button is used to aim. Other actions are like ‘F’ for kick, the “space bar” is used to jump, ‘G’ is used to throw a grenade, and “Tab” is used to open the menu.

One of the interesting features that the game have is auto-kicking when a zombie attacks the playable character.

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From the list of people’s favorite games, Krunker is the best fps game. is a free online first-person shooting multiplayer game available on the browser for free. The availability to play on a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, makes it popular. The game is inspired by classic shooters like Counter-Strike, Duke Nukem 3D, and the original Quake. The game features simple yet engaging game mechanics and 3D pixel graphics similar to Minecraft.

The players take on the role of a mercenary and fight each other in various game modes. Krunker also offers competitive game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Corporate Warfare, and Territory Control. These game modes allow players to compete in team-based play and strategize to come out ahead. Players can also enter tournaments and compete for the top spot in the world rankings.

Gamers can customize their characters and choose from a variety of weapons, character skins, and other items. Weapons include shotguns, sniper rifles, and machine guns, as well as different abilities such as auto-aim, wall-jumping, and stealth mode. Matches also feature a wide selection of pick-up items, from health kits and body armor to items that grant special powers, such as a speed boost and super jump.

A match can consist of up to 16 players. The objective is to eliminate all enemy players or to reach the designated score limit first, depending on the game mode.

The basic controls are WASD for movement, Left Click for shooting/attacking, Right Click for aiming, R for reloading, Q/E to switch weapons, Space for jumping, and Shift for crouching. there are many other controls to know before playing. Also, one can go to settings and edit key binds to their favor.

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Squid Shooter

Squid Shooter

A game based on a Netflix Show, Squid Game is named Squid Shooter. It is completely themed as Squid Game. The game is about the survival of the player’s character. All non-playable characters attack the main character. The player will need to kill everyone in the game in order to survive.

The game features various weapons, including ARs – Automatic Rifles and Pistols. There are other weapons also but they need to be bought. For that, you can watch ads and buy them. While you are playing, you can change guns in between by scrolling the mouse wheel or using the 1 to 7 number keys.

Controls are simple as in other games, so one can check controls before the game starts on the home screen itself.

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Are there offline shooter games for Android devices?

There are many offline shooters available for Android devices. Some popular options include Modern Combat 5, Shadow gun Legends, Sniper Fury, and many others. There are many other offline shooters available for Android devices, so you may want to do some additional research to find the one that best fits your preferences.

What are First Person Shooter Games?

First-person shooter (FPS) games are a type of video game that involves the player viewing the game world from the perspective of the player character, who is typically armed with some sort of weapon. The player character’s weapons are usually used to shoot at and defeat enemies or complete objectives within the game. FPS games are usually fast-paced and action-packed, and they often require quick reflexes and strategic thinking.


In conclusion, unblocked shooting games can be a fun and engaging pastime for students, but they should be played in moderation and with appropriate supervision. While there are concerns about the potential negative impacts of these games, they can also provide students with valuable skills and help them to develop their problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities.

These browser-based games are quick and easy to access, and they provide an exciting and engaging experience for students. Whether you’re an action-lover or puzzle enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in the world of unblocked online fps games at school. So why not grab your mouse and get shooting?


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