Who doesn’t like listening to music? All the age groups around the world love to listen to music. Even animals respond to different types of music. Most of us listen to music every time while exercising, travelling, reading, cooking, and during other daily activities.

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Music is the best-known way to relax. There are billions of songs and their lovers around the world. In fact, music has been proven to improve several dimensions of human life. Moreover, good music is like medicine that can heal mood swings, depression, and many more.

There are many ways to listen to music. You can stream music online or download it. However, music websites might be restricted at some school levels in colleges or offices. Hence, I have collected lists of unblocked music sites to listen to your favorite music. You can also tune in to unblocked music apps. You don’t need to spend a single penny with these unblocked music websites.

Further, if boredom hits you hard, you can enjoy Unblocked Games for School and free music makers games to get the best out of your time.

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites For Schools


Grooveshark, Unblocked music sites

Grooveshark is a web-based music streaming service owned and operated by Escape Media Group. It is the best solution for unblocked music used in school, college, and office. This one has the best reputation among popular song websites for serving free music. It provides unlimited and free access to music with search engines, music streaming features, and a music recommendation system.

You can simply use school Wi-Fi or the internet to access this website for free. This unblocked music platform allows you to personalize music albums and playlists. To use the feature, simply create an account in Grooveshark. Additionally, you can save the playlists for future listening sessions.

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AccuRadio, Unblocked music sites

AccuRadio is another unblocked music site that you can listen to. It is a free music platform that provides almost every song. This site is free to use, and you don’t need to create an account. This website ensures you don’t miss the trending songs and music. It also offers you many radio stations as well as free webcasts. You can tune in to any radio station and start listening.

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bluebeat, Unblocked music sites, unblocked music sites for school

BlueBeat offers extensive sets of music libraries that can be played for free. It offers huge collections of songs, including its 3D version. You can either listen to a playlist created by members or instantly create a music playlist from an Artist/Band. This platform is a social network for music lovers, allowing you to follow your friends or other users’ music playlists.

One can sign up for an account to take advantage of the sites. BlueBeat is one of the A1 websites for music lovers, and this site ensures that users get premium music and songs.


Hungama is a popular online song and music platform in India, with over 5 million songs on the site. It’s also an excellent source for downloadable Bollywood videos and other local forms of entertainment. Any kind of Indian music tastes like Jazz and western music; Hungama offers you all. It is why it’s India’s largest distributor as well. Further, you can also tune in to radio stations.



Another popular unblocked music website is LiveXLive. It is free for colleges, schools, offices, and much more. You can get unlimited access to music with the best collection of songs for free on this website. So, LiveXLive is always on the rescue to remove your boredom in schools and offices.

Meanwhile, you must log in or register to a new account on this website. Nevertheless, you can access unlimited music here for free for the song, artist, and genre. Also, you can find more than 200 radio stations that allow you to listen to your preferred tracks.


Jamendo, unblocked music sites for school, unblocked school music websites

Jamendo is a popular unblocked website with a vast music and song collection. You can access all the latest and old hit songs for free. Also, you can download the music for free without any problem using Jamendo Music. You can search for songs and music through artists’ names, albums, and genres.

Further, you can also share your music with other users. Jamendo can be accessed at school, college, or work for free without any problem. Music from this website can be used in media projects or your school presentation.

In addition, you can create a playlist of your own and upload your songs by signing up and being a member of Jamendo.

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Pandora Music

Pandora music

Pandora is a rising industry in the music and podcast discovery sector. The platform provides personalized content to its listeners through advanced visual algorithms instead of using simple keyword searches like most other streaming services.

Unfortunately, this company only serves U.S. users of the Internet. It allows you to create music stations as per their whim. Also, you can join a pre-created music station based on your music taste.

Pandora consists of licensed free songs that title, artist, and album names can easily search. Along with songs, it also displays lyrics. The website has simple, user-friendly designs and easy-to-access songs from the homepage search box.



Saavn is another unblocked Indian music site that offers music streaming services. It’s a freemium service, meaning basic functions are free with adverts or limitations. At the same time, premium options, such as better streaming quality and song downloads for offline listening, are available for a fee. They not only offer Bollywood songs but songs from all over the world. It also provides a Radio for users too.


soundzabound, unblocked school music websites

Soundzabound is an unblocked music website intended for educational purposes. They provide royalty-free music, allowing users to use some songs at work and for entertainment. This site features a vast library and collections of music you can listen to on training mode in the background at no cost to increase productivity or on your own time for pleasure.

You can easily search for a song or music by its genre, artist name, album, and even release year option. Moreover, downloading songs is quite easy on this website.

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If the above-mentioned unblocked music sites aren’t enough for you and you’re still looking for unblocked music websites, I recommend TuneIn. TuneIn offers a wide variety of songs to match all types of users’ music tastes. You can choose the region you are in, and it will give you music suggestions. It provides free as well as paid services to all types of users. You will get many features with a paid subscription, but you can also enjoy their free service. Users don’t require any sign-up to listen to music. However, to enjoy a premium subscription, you need to sign up. Its other highlight is it offers internet radio service. TuneIn has over a hundred thousand radio stations worldwide and over 4 million podcasts to listen to music from anywhere.

Tunein not just provides us with music but also delivers live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to over 75 million monthly active users. This massive database is what makes Tunein such a huge and popular music-listening platform on the Internet. If you go up and search for the best-unblocked music sites, TuneIn will be the name that always pops up. Further, their music collection is enormous.


hulkshare music player online

One of the main reasons Hulkshare is such hype amongst schools and colleges is its interface. One can easily search and choose the song to listen to because of the clean user interface of the app. You can put it on the track and adjust filters according to your vibe and mood. You can also communicate with anyone using Hulkshare.

A perfect free music website for students at schools and colleges. HulkShare has tons of free music and is uploaded by the website user. This means you can personally upload songs of your interest or which are not available on the website. HulkShare contains a list mentioning the week’s top songs, which shows the trending songs. It will help you listen to all the new and trending songs.

FreePlay Music

Similar like Slacker, Freeplay Music also holds a huge number of radio station databases. FreePlay Music is a free music website where anyone can listen to songs and music whenever they want. It is an unblocked site for schools and colleges. People can also download music and songs from this website for free. You can find numerous genres of music.

Unblocked Music Website FAQs

Why do Schools block music sites?

Schools often block certain websites to reduce the risk of students wasting time on inappropriate content. However, suppose school networks allow access to social music-streaming sites like Spotify or video-streaming services like YouTube, then their students will bypass these restrictions. In that case, they may continue to use them later in life, which may have a significant impact on their schoolwork and impact their grades.

How can I listen to music offline?

First and foremost, download the music application of your choice: Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Then you need to download songs to listen to for those apps. Once the songs are downloaded, you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.

How do I unblock a music site on a Chrome browser?

You can use any of the following tricks to unblock a website.
1. Use a VPN (Nord VPN preferred)
2. Unblock using an extension
3. Unblock from browser settings.

How can I get Spotify unblocked at school?

To listen to Spotify anywhere, you should use a VPN. Download and install a VPN of your choice. Connect to the United States and sign n for your Spotify account. After that, you can enjoy your favourite music on Spotify.

Have you ever used any of these unblocked music sites? Which do you like the most? Let us know in the comment below!


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  2. Guys, JioSaavn is unblocked for my school, but it’s kind of laggy, plus a bit difficult to find specific music you want to listen to. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    • Download and install one of the VPNs (many available). Choose a desire location and turn it on and navigate to the preferred music player online.

      • We can’t download ANYTHING! Some of these are unblocked, but they either don’t qork, or don’t even HAVE the songs I want!

    • In that case, you can use the RDP (remote desktop protocol) of a different country rather than yours. What it does is gives access to connection of a chosen country from there you can easily access music.

  3. So change the language right? I have done that to… I have tried RDP still dont work… My school uses lightspeed.. How do I work my way around with that so I can get music??


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