People are fond of listening to music. Most people listen to music while reading, working out, traveling, or even to pass the boredom. Altogether, music is involved in our daily activities. There are so many songs in different genres to listen to. Some people follow a particular genre on the internet, while others like to listen to any genre’s songs.

There are many online music websites and apps to stream music for free. However, people prefer mobile apps over websites to listen to music as apps are convenient. 

Unfortunately, some music listening platforms are restricted in certain areas. So, you need to find accessible sources of music. Free unblocked music applications are one such source that provides us access to unlimited songs anywhere, anytime, in restricted zones. So, just like unblocked music sites, we have collected the list of best-unblocked music apps to listen to your favorite music.

Best Unblocked Music Apps To Stream Music


deezer unblocked music app

Deezer Music and Podcast Player has one of the best exciting features to offer as a free application. However, one can enjoy the Premium version of the Deezer app, which has more features. But, one using the free Deezer app might rarely need premium subscriptions.

Deezer offers more than 90 million songs to listen to for free and is available on iOS and Android devices. You can easily find a song on Deezer. Even you can quickly identify tracks and find songs with the Deezer feature, SongCatcher.

Deezer recommends music to users to listen to according to their moods by adjusting the mood filter. Likewise, the recommendation feature shows new artists ond auto-generate playlists. Also, you can create your playlists with your favorite songs.

Deezer also has podcast audio channels where you can listen to recorded podcasts. You can share those podcasts and songs on social media as well. You can enjoy your favorite songs with Deezer unblocked music app for free.

Availability: iOS, Android and Web

Category: Free with in-app Purchase


  • 90 million and more playlists
  • SongCatcher to identify songs
  • Multiple playlists
  • Includes music, song, radio, and podcast
  • Works on a variety of devices
  • Simple to use


  • Ads pop up on the free version
  • Downloading music is available on only a Premium account.

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YouTube Music

Google’s YouTube Music app is among the best music streaming apps for listening to music at school, work, home, and the workplace. YouTube is a popular app available worldwide except in a few countries like China, South Sudan, and others. YouTube itself allows you to stream free popular music online. However, YouTube Music makes it easier for us to listen to music.

YouTube Music is free to download from the play store and apple app store. The premium version can be accessed by paying $9.99 per month. However, a premium subscription is not much essential to listen to free music.

YouTube Music has a huge collection of songs for free; to be precise, more than 70 million official songs are available. You can find your favorite songs and royalty-free music. This application has a live music streaming platform that is also available and can be accessed via the Google Play Music app. Google Play Music application is pre-installed on many android devices today.

Availability: iOS, Android, Desktop App, and Web

Category: Free with an in-app subscription plan


  • 70 million and more music videos
  • Varieties of content to explore
  • Create your playlists of music library
  • Includes songs, live performances, music videos
  • Available on almost all OS devices
  • Simple to use


  • Ads pop up on the free version
  • Audio quality is not always the same and the best

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is not a music-specific application but is still on the list because some people like to listen to the radio. The TuneIn offers local AM/FM stations to listen to on your device. Also, international radio stations are available for tune-in.

Radios are primarily seen in cars. Cars like Mercedes, Tesla, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, and more have the native support of TuneIn Radio.

TuneIn Radio has podcasts and sports radio. Additionally, you can search for an artist for a song you want to listen to on the radio.

Availability: iOS devices, Android, Desktop App

Category: Free with an in-app purchase for premium


  • Vast content
  • Podcast
  • Save favorite station
  • Works on varieties of devices


  • Ads pop up on the free version
  • Less music to listen to as not a music native application

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BBC Sounds

BBC Sounds is an all-rounder app for music streaming because it includes radio stations, podcasts, live streams, and even music mixes. That makes BBC Sounds one of the best and most popular unblocked music apps.

It is easy to find songs on BBC Sounds as it has categorized songs into different types. Categories include Back-to-back Sounds, Match Your Mood, Feel Good Tunes, Chill, Dance Music, and others. Even genres are also categorized differently from the categories mentioned above.

BBC Sounds allow users to download the song and listen to it offline. You can make your own playlists of your favorite songs. Nevertheless, podcasts and radio stations also feature different genres.

Availability: iOS devices, Android, Desktop App

Category: Free with an in-app purchase for premium


  • Huge collection of music
  • Podcast and Radio Stations
  • Useful features
  • Search by Speech
  • Download and listen


  • Buggy

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Liveone free music at school

LiveOne has two applications named LiveOne TV and LiveOne Music. Here, LiveOne Music offers different music albums and handcrafted music stations.

You can easily search for your favorite music on LiveOne Music and access the personalized recommendation feature.

The best thing about LiveOne is that you can join a concert worldwide through live streams and it is an unblocked music app.

Availability: iOS devices, Android devices, Alexa, Automobiles

Category: Free with different in-app subscription plans


  • Different types of music to listen to
  • Radios and Podcasts availability
  • Many features to explore


  • Download and listen are available on subscriptions only.
  • Ads can pop up at any time.

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Sound Cloud

One of the best-unblocked music is SoundCloud. They have their website as well. SoundCloud is a music and podcast streaming service that lets you listen to millions of songs from worldwide artists. It lets artists share their sounds, podcasts, and other audio content with listeners.

SoundCloud allows users to save songs and music and make a collection like a playlist. You will also find exclusive song remixes that you will rarely find on other apps.

Availability: iOS devices, website, and Android devices

Category: Free and has Premium plans


  • 300+ million tracks
  • Artists can upload their songs
  • Podcasts available
  • Unlimited skips
  • Wearable support


  • Ads will play in the free version
  • The offline download is not available on the free plan

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shazam find music

Another on the list is Shazam. Apple itself created Shazam. It is available on Play Store for Androids. The Best thing about Shazam is that it recognizes the song playing around you and provides information about it. It works by listening to a short clip of sound from any source, such as a commercial, TV show, or song, and identifying it.

Shazam app supports a dark theme to save the device’s battery and get a different experience. You can watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube to see your favorite song in action. Another feature is singing along with the lyrics with time-synced lyrics with friends at home, school, and college.

Availability: iOS devices, website, and Android devices

Category: Free


  • Unlimited and Free access to sounds
  • Dark Mode
  • Watch OS support
  • Unlimited skips
  • Search songs using voice detection
  • Ads-less


  • Lyrics are available for a few songs only
  • Some songs are premium.

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iheart radio free music streaming app

iHeart can be the best option to play free music at restricted places. IHeartRadio offers music streaming, live radio, podcasts, and more to listeners of all genres and ages. Although the free service comes with ads, listeners can enjoy unlimited listening.

The ‘Your Weekly Mixtape’ feature makes music discovery easy. A weekly playlist of songs is curated based on the music you love and the music you’re listening to right now.

Availability: iOS devices, Windows devices, Kindle devices, and Android devices

Category: Free with in-app subscription plans


  • Radio
  • Podcast
  • Auto-generated playlist according to current listening.
  • Listen to the podcast at the desired speeds of 2x, 1.5x, 1.25x, Normal, and 0.5x slower.


  • Ads on Free plan
  • Not a music-only app

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Jango Radio

Jango Radio is a free, customized radio service that plays the most satisfactory sorts of music by artists you love. Start with the name of one of your favorite performers, and Jango Radio will build a unique station that plays comparable songs.

Jango ensures to provide 100% ads-free application, making it one of the best-unblocked music apps. You can tune in to specialized genre stations, one of which is the “Hits from the 80s”. This genre has a list of 80’s hit songs for free.

Availability: iOS and Android

Category: Free with in-app Purchase


  • Radio stations
  • No ads at all
  • Dozens of genres in music
  • Sleep timer feature
  • Personalized music playlists


  • Not a music-centric app

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Spinrilla is an online platform that offers free access to the world’s most extensive catalog of independent hip-hop music. It allows independent hip-hop artists to upload and sell their music. Spinrilla has become one of the go-to destinations for discovering new rap music.

Whether you are at school, college, or office with restrictions, Spinrilla comes to the rescue. Spinrilla can be used without the internet with the “Offline Mode” feature. It provides free downloads for singles, albums, and mixtapes.

You can watch live performances and interviews through this app. You can easily find the music trending today from the trending chart.

Availability: iOS and Android

Category: Free with in-app Purchase


  • Offline player
  • Live watch outs
  • Artist Promoter
  • Hip-hop music focused
  • Built-in radio


  • Not every type of music is available

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What are the Benefits of Unblocking Music Apps?

The benefit of using an unblocked music app is that you can listen to any song from a restricted area on your smartphone without any restrictions.


Though some schools, colleges, or offices block music apps, numerous apps let you enjoy music in those restricted areas. These unblocked music apps will rescue you from your boredom. Additionally, most of the apps listed are free.

Have you ever used any of these music apps? HOw was the experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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