Two Methods to transfer PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

battlegrounds mobile india
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Recently, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India has been available in Google Play store for those who pre-registered the game. If you don’t know, the game was open for pre-registration a month ago. So, the users who pre-registered has a privilege to download and enjoy the game right now.

PUBG Mobile has been banned in India since a long time. And now the beta version of the game is available, but only to those who pre-registered. If you miss out the pre-registration and want to enjoy the game right now you have to download the Battleground Mobile India Apk + OBB file and install manually. As this not the article about how to install Battleground Mobile India we would like to shift your focus to transfer PUBG data to Battleground Mobile India.

However, before moving to the “Can we transfer PUBG data to Battle ground Mobile India?” i would like to give a short insight about ‘Are PUBG and Battle ground mobile India completely two different game?

Actually, Battlegrounds Mobile India has very few noticeable changes from PUBG Mobile. This new version is here just to comply with the Indian government’s requirement.

Changes in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The idea and main core mechanic of the game remains same. Making the gaming experience same. The changes are very small which are noticeable but doesn’t affect the actual game play.

First thing, the change you will notice is the color of blood or hit color. The default color will be green color. And if you go to the setting to change it, you will not find red color. But you will have the darker green color and a yellow color options.

battlegrounds mobile india game settings

Second thing you will notice will be inside the match where you will see finishes for the kills. They changed the kills tag to “finishes” which is observable after you eliminate an enemy.

Further, the game developers has introduced the new Gameplay Management System. What it does is constantly reminds you to limit screen time, keep a good posture, and stay healthy in general.

Apart from these changes there aren’t any drastic changes.

Transfer PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India

If you have played PBBG mobile before, you might have lots of outfits, gun skins and more on your previous account. So its common that your brain might pop up with ‘Is it possible to transfer PUBG data to battlegrounds mobile India?’. The answer is “Yes”, you can transfer PUBG mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton, Inc. has managed to transfer old PUBG data to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

First Method: Move PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile

First thing first, you will need to create a new account for the Battlegrounds Mobile India itself. Also, as you open the application, you will be asked to create a new account on the main page. You will see the Facebook and Twitter options to create an account. On the more option beside Twitter option, you get to see Google Play Games as extra option.

battlegrounds mobile india game

On the same page, you will also see the “I have read and acknowledge the PRIVACY POLICY” and “I have read and agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE”. You will need to accept both by tapping on it to create a new account.

So, as you create an account by using social media account or google account, you will be headed towards setting up the gaming avatar. After creating avatar, you will see a pop-up asking if you wan to transfer your PUBG mobile data.

transfer pubg data to battlegrounds mobile india

There you can tap on the “Yes, Please Continue” option and you will be head towards the in-game browser. Where you will be asked if you want to continue or not in a prompt. You can tap on the “Yes” option.

Again, you will get to see Facebook, Twitter and Google Play options. You can choose the account you used to sign in PUBG mobile, like: Facebook in the below picture. You will need to login that account as well. While logging in, you will need to tap on “Continue as account_name” option.

facebook login pubg mobile for battlegrounds mobile india game

And for the final thing, you will need to tap on “Yes” for the data transfer to be stated. This will start and transfer will be finished in minutes. After that, your Battlegrounds Mobile India account will have all the skins, outfits and emojis from the old PUBG mobile account.

Second Method: Transfer data using in-app settings

What if, someone misses the prompt asking transfer data? No problem for this also. Because in settings you will get Account Data transfer option too.

As you are in the home page of your game after signing in, you will see upward arrow on bottom tight corner. Tapping on it, you will see “Settings” which you can tap on. As the settings page opens, under the “Basic” section, you see “Account Transfer” at the top.

in game settings of battlegrounds

By tapping, you will need to sign in the account that you used to sign in PUBG Mobile with. You will be able to transfer data of PUBG mobile to Battlegrounds mobile India as you sign in.

So, this guide is all about how to transfer PUBG Mobile Account data to Battlegrounds Mobile India new account. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.


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