I love playing video games! They’re a great way to unwind after a long day or to bond with friends. I’ve even met some of my best friends through playing games online.  

Games can be fun for learning new things or exploring different worlds. Whether playing alone or with friends, games are a great way to have fun and take your mind off everyday life.

Online games are a great way to stay connected with friends and family living far away. They are also great for meeting new people and making new friends. 

a trio of friends enjoying a unblocked games

Schools and workplaces block many online games to prevent students and employees from wasting time playing them. However, there are ways to bypass these restrictions and play your favorite online games.

The best is to find unblocked games on the internet. There are many unblocked games online that gamers of all ages can enjoy. These games are typically free to play and do not require any downloads. Many of these games can be played directly from a web browser.

Don’t worry about where to find unblocked games to play with friends. You can find plenty of unblocked games online for free. If you are looking for unblocked three-player games to play with your friends, here are some of the best 3 player games unblocked for school Chromebooks. Hold on and read the article till the end!

Best 3 Player Unblocked Games

Fish Eat Grow Big

The newest game in the 3 Player Games category is Fish Eat Grow Big. This is one of the most fun and enjoyable online 3-player games. That is why this lies at the top of the list. Fish Eat Grow Big games for all three people to play simultaneously on the same device.

To play this game by three players, one player uses WASD, the second uses the arrow keys, and player 3 uses the mouse. Each player has to do their best to eat smaller fish, grow bigger, and avoid getting eaten by bigger fish. In addition to fish, grab the coins for points and power-ups for help, but avoid any items that might get you stuck or cause problems.

The one who gets the biggest and earns more points will be the winner of the game. So, invite your friends and Good luck. And we hope you will have a brilliant time with your friends.

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Zombies Parade Defense 3

The Zombie Parade Defense 3 is the third part of the game series. Continuing the game from the 1 and 2 parts with many fights and actions. Zombie 3 supports three-player mode as well. Player 1 can control his/her character using “W, A, S, D” keys and switch guns using the ‘Q’ key and key ‘E’ to go in/out of the base. Similarly, player 2 can move their character using arrow keys, ‘.’ for the gun switch and ‘L’ for in/out base. At the same time, the third player moves their character by keys “Y, G, H, L” and “T and U” to switch gun and base in/out, respectively.

Moreover, the game has new waves/episodes to fight for fun. There are new medic characters to choose from, which are much more powerful than previous ones. More than that, you will know how to play. So, win the game by surviving all the waves.

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Triset.io game is fast-paced and multiplayer, so you’ll need to be quick and strategic to come out on top. In Triset, your objective is to capture as many square areas as possible while controlling the growth of your opponents. The game’s goal is to form as many squares as possible from your blocks. The more squares you have, the more points you get. Every action has a cooldown period. If a piece does not touch any of your other pieces, the delay between moves will get longer. Place a block next to enemy pieces to capture them. If you collect a diamond, you’ll earn an extra 50 points. You can place three pieces simultaneously without delay by picking the lighting power up.

To play, left-clicking with your mouse will place a block, while right-clicking will rotate the block. You can press the space bar if you want to skip the shape. For your information, this game needs to be played on three different devices to play multiplayer. one can create a room and share it with others to make them join the same room. This is how you have competitive fun.

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Bad Guys: JuiceBar

Are you and your friends discussing who can drink faster? Bad Guys: JuiceBar game is about “How fast can you drink a glass of juice?” Not only can you drink it, but you can also compete against your friend to see who can drink a glass of juice the fastest. Great competition awaits you. Up to three of your friends can compete. All you need to do is hit the key as fast as possible. The one who hits the key the fastest and finishes the juice first wins the game. It is like the fastest finger game. Enjoy your time with friends by playing games at school and the workplace.

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Catscratch This Means War

Catscratch is a great fighting multiplayer game where you must select one of three cats to play with. After this, ask a couple of friends to play this superb fighting and strategy game where everything you have to do is fight another cat for more points than them and hurt them so much, winning more points than them and winning the competition. The house becomes a battlefield for the three cats when the owner isn’t home. So let’s start this fight and win it with your selected cat.

A table with weapons and fighting tools is available at the bottom of the game screen. Some pistols, guns, fire guns, laser guns, and other special weapons are available. Pick one up and shoot when it’s your turn. You have a couple of balloons to select after you’ve shot and run as far as possible in a strategic place, not to be caught by the other opponents, only if you have enough time, because each round has a time limit.

To win this cat war, you’ll need to keep your distance from your opponents and dodge their attacks. Good luck!

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Voxel Tanks 3D

If you’re looking for new, exciting, and adventurous free online browser games, you’ve come to the right place! We have listed one of the many games for you to enjoy. Voxel Tanks 3D game is from the 3D games category, and we know how fun these games can be because of the graphics. You can play with 2 of your other friends from the same browser. Your mission in this game is to show your skills and abilities in driving tanks and eliminating all your enemies. This is not the actual race game but a race for your win by destroying other tanks.


What are the funniest unblocked games?

There are many unblocked games available that are fun and enjoyable. The same game can be enjoyed by one person, whereas another won’t. So, the fun unblocked games will be the ones that you will prefer more.

What online games can I play with friends?

Multiplayer games can be played with your friends at school or the workplace. You can choose 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, or more than 4 games from the internet.

How to find unblocked games?

We- GADNWID, have been listing out the free unblocked games that can be played anywhere. The links for respective games are provided along with as well. Do check our articles to find unblocked games.


There are plenty of free online games that support multiplayer gameplay. Only a few online games include max 3 players. So, the above lists of games are the best free unblocked games for 3 players. You can play games available online with your 2 friends and have fun at school or work.

Find a game that suits you most and enjoy!

Nevertheless, you and your friends can always enjoy watching funny unblocked videos or listening to music at unblocked music players.


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