Everyone wants a smartphone with more power, better specifications and features. And all these comes with better chipset flagship smartphones. In 2020 Android flagship are struggling to be affordable due highly priced chipset. Thus, leading customers to pay incredible high price for flagship device. Flagship devices uses latest processors in order to provide better performance. 2020 was the year for Snapdragon 865 with mandatory 5G modem. Similarly, the new Snapdragon 875 SoC will be the chipset for 2021. And if anyone hoping that the Qualcomm will lower the price of Snapdragon 875, we have some bad news.

Snapdragon SoC chipset

According to the information from South Korea, the Snapdragon 875 will be even more expensive than the Snapdragon 865. Supposedly, a whopping 50% increment in price is expected. And according to a forum the Snapdragon 875 itself will cost $130 and with for the full package including wireless connectivity hardware will cost $250.

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Snapdragon 875 SoC Rumored Specs

The Snapdragon 875 is not official yet but it is expected to be introduced in December 2020. The chip is already being produced by TSMC on a 5nm process. It will feature the company X60 5G modem compatible with both mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G networks.

As per the rumor, SD 875 is expected to come with 1xCortex-X1 Super Core alongside 3xCortex-A78 and finally 4xCortex-A55. The Cortex super core is 30% faster than last year’s Cortex-A77. Similarly, the Cortex-A78 cores boost up to 20% performance. Thus, without any doubt SD 875 will give a much needed performance boost.

Further, the SD 875 will support 100W fast charging according to reputed leakster who goes by the name Digital Chat Station on twitter. Thus, more costs comes with features. Furthermore, the smartphone companies will integrate high capacity battery. It is one of the selling point of SD 875.

Similarly, Qualcomm is expected to release the Snapdragon 865+ next month. It comes with the boasted speed of 3.09GHz while the SD 865 has clock speed of 2.84GHz


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