According to a new report from Taiwan, TSMC has begun the production of 5nm chip: Snapdragon 875. This chipset will more likely to be powered in flagship smartphones in 2021. The company will announce it at the end of the year. Report also shows the three nodes of 5 nm chip: regular 5nm, 5nm+ and the enhanced 5nm. But for now, it is not sure that which if the node has been in the manufacturing process.

But if reports are correct, the Snapdragon 875 will be available soon together with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 5G modem. It is the first baseband chip to be made on the 5nm architecture. There are high chances of Apple to use the same modem for new iPhone 12 models.

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TSMC: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, was founded on 1987. And TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing plant. Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and many other are the customers of TSMC.

The chipset will continue to use same CPU arrangement, that is 1+3+4. However, the main core might be more powerful i.e. Cortex-X1 than the current Snapdragon has. The Cortex-X1 possibilities to be 30% higher peak performance than the current Cortex-A77. Also, there is a high chance of the chip cores will be based on Cortex-A78. Even it is faster than the A77 and uses less power for same performance as its predecessor.

Also, a new GPU is on a line, Adreno 660, one rumor before this news. TSMC has been investing more in monthly basis to produce more 5nm wafers. 6,000 to 10,000 5nm wafers per month in TSMC. They might be willing to deliver the both chips: Snapdragon 875 and Snapdragon X60 on time before the year ends. As earlier, iPhone 12 models could be featuring Snapdragon X60 5G baseband chip rather than Snapdragon X55.

Snapdragon Qualcomm SDX60, Qualcomm X60 5g, 5g modem

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The new chipset will be seen in premium flagship android devices that will be launching in next year 2021. The Snapdragon 875 could be delivered in early December 2020, as per the invest and monthly production.

Before the S875, Snapdragon 865 Plus will be launched sooner this year. And, the TSMC is also making high-end GPUs for AMD and 5nm A14 chipsets for Apple.

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