When it comes to scooters, there are many brands and models that you're able to choose from. With a range of prices for each model in Nepal's Nepalese market, this can be confusing when looking for the perfect fit before you buy! Luckily, we've compiled all the information needed on scooters price in Nepal so as not to leave anyone out of pocket.

Different types or classifications exist within price ranges, allowing customers more flexibility with their money by choosing what they want to, based on how much cash they have available. Whether budget or high-end gear is desired, there’s no shortage on where you can purchase your next Scooter. There are authorized showrooms throughout the country or if that's not possible for you then, check out online stores such as Daraz.

Note: This might not be fully authentic as the actual market price may differ. These prices are for reference purposes only.

Scooters Price in Nepal

Vespa Scooters in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Vespa Notte Rs. 2,69,946
Vespa LX Rs. 2,69,946
Vespa VXL Rs. 3,19,946 (125cc) Rs. 3,63,446 (150cc)
Vespa SXL Rs. 3,33,946 (125cc) Rs. 3,79,446 (150cc)
Vespa SXL Matte Rs. 3,35,946 (125cc) Rs. 3,81,446 (150cc)
Vespa Elegante Rs. 4,01,446

Yamaha Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Yamaha NMax 155 Rs. 4,69,900
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 Street Rally (FI) Rs. 2,61,900
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 Rs. 2,36,900 (Drum)
Rs. 2,51,900 (Disc)
Yamaha Fascino 125 FI Rs. 2,56,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally 113 Rs. 2,20,900
Yamaha Fascino 113 Rs. 2,18,900
Yamaha Ray Z 113 Rs. 2,00,900

Aprilia Scooters Price in Nepal

Models Price in Nepal
Aprilia Storm 125 Rs. 2,49,900
Aprilia SR 125 Rs. 2,56,900
Aprilia SR 150 Rs. 2,97,400 (Standard) Rs. 3,20,400 (Race Edition)
Aprilia SXR 160 Rs. 4,24,900

Honda Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Honda Grazia Rs. 2,22,900 (STD) Rs. 2,42,900 (DLX)
Honda Activa 125 Rs. 2,18,900 (STD) Rs. 2,31,900 (DLX)
Honda Aviator Rs. 2,19,900
Honda Dio Rs. 2,12,900 (STD) Rs. 2,16,900 (DLX)
Honda Navi Rs. 1,60,900

Mahindra Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Mahindra Duro DDZ Rs.156500
Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125 Rs.179900
Mahindra Gusto Rs. 179900 Rs. 167500 (RS)

Hero Scooters

Model Price in Nepal 
Hero Destini 125 Rs. 2,15,000
Hero Maestro Edge Rs. 1,95,000
Hero Duet Rs. 1,93,000
Hero Pleasure Plus Rs. 1,89,500 (STD) Rs. 1,98,500 (Platinum Edition)
Hero Pleasure Rs. 1,77,500

Suzuki Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Suzuki Burgman Street 125 Rs. 2,41,900
Suzuki Access 125 Rs. 2,59,900 (Disc)

TVS Scooters in NEpal

Model Price in Nepal
TVS NTorq 125 FI BS6 Rs. 2,77,900
TVS NTorq 125 Super Squad Rs. 2,66,900
TVS NTorq 125 Rs. 2,61,900 (Race Edition) Rs. 2,45,900 (Disc) Rs. 2,18,900 (Drum)
TVS Jupiter Classic 110 Rs. 2,11,900
TVS Wego SBS 110 Rs. 2,15,900 (FI) / Rs. 2,07,900 (Carburetor)
TVS Dazz Rs. 1,99,900
TVS Zest 110 Rs. 1,78,900
XL 100 i-Touch Rs. 1,28,900
XL 100 Rs. 1,15,900

Super Soco Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Super Soco CUx Rs. 2,39,900 (Standard Colors) Rs. 2,49,900 (Luxury Colors)
Super Soco CPx Rs. 4,59,900 (Single Battery) Rs. 5,89,900 (Double Battery)

ItalicaMoto / Italjet Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Italjet Formula 125 Sporty Rs. 282000
Italjet Formula 125 Classic Rs. 282000

Scomadi Scooter

Model Price in Nepal
Tl 125 Limited Edition Rs. 3,55,000

Runner Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Runner Kite Plus Rs. 1,89,000

Yadea Electric Scooters EV

Yadea Electric Scooters Model e-Scooters Price in Nepal
S-Like Rs 2.30,000 Rs. 3,10,000 (Dual-Battery)
G5 Rs 3,30,000
C1S Rs 3,50,000

NIU scooters in Nepal

Electric Scooters Model Price in Nepal
Aero MTBX 01 (cycle) NPR 99,000
MQi+ (1500 Watt) NPR 2,39,000
GOVA G-03 (2000 Watt) [New] NPR 2,55,000
NQi 2400 Watt NPR 2,69,000 (Glossy Edition) NPR 2,76,000 (Matte Edition)
NQiGT 3000 Watt: NPR 4,45,000

Pure EV Electric Scooters

Model Price in Nepal
Pure EV ePluto 7G Rs. 2,49,000
Pure EV Etrance Neo Rs. 2,29,000
Pure EV Etrance Plus Rs. 1,99,999

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