Samsung has been releasing the mid range smartphones from earlier this year. Also, Samsung was planning to launch Galaxy M41 and M51 as well this year. Now, a few weeks ago, a report claims that Samsung has back up that plan by dropping out them. It seemed like the news was a bit disagree for the 3C certification. The cleared out the doubt of Galaxy M41 on June 28th by 3C certification on its site. The following photo is supposedly belongs to the Samsung Galaxy M41.

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Certification on 3C Certificate

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The above certification, it reveals more about the phone and moreover, it reveals the battery capacity which is 6,800 mAh. The battery has been manufactured by Ningde Amperex Technology Limited at Dongguan NVT Technology Co. Ltd. Factory. And the Lithium Ion battery comes with the model number of EB-BM415ABY. These types of huge batteries are mostly used in tabs.

The real life image of the battery has been leaked on the Safety Korea website. These latest leaks confirm about the Samsung Galaxy M41 will be releasing soon and the date is near.

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Samsung will be using a third party OLED display on the device, and the battery will be solving much problem of using and powering the device. This gives a hint to launch of the smartphone is near around the corners. The Galaxy M41 will be unveiled soon as per the Samsung’s plan.

Source: Root My Galaxy


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