Samsung has unveiled its 110-inch micro LED TV. Before that, company first showcased the microLED TV in year 2018. 110″ smart TV launched in South Korea for the first time, the TV is valued at 1170 million KRW.

This TV is available for pre-sale in South Korea. The new smart TV is different from the previous public super size TV.

This smart TV has Ultra HD – 4K resolution and HDR micro LED screen. The micro-LED display uses a micro-sized LED.

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As a result, the need for backlights and color filters has returned. As can be seen on OLED TV.

It supports Majestic Sound System. Which can deliver 5.1 channel surrounds directly from the TV.

It has come to the market with a smart TV tracking sound system. Which follows a high level of screen movement.

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How actually big is this micro LED TV?

Talking about the other features of this TV, this 110-inch smart TV also has multi-view support. Big enough to stream four different content in a same time simultaneously. In simple way, the screen can be divided into four different size options.

In other words, four people can watch four different content together on this TV. The TV can also be resized to a 55-inch screen size.

This smart TV from Samsung is not a modular TV but a pre-fabricated TV. The company has stated that it will do mass production of micro LED TVs. It is also said that the company will bring micro LED TV even in small screen size.

About Global Launch

However, this TV is only available for pre-registration in South Korea right now. Still, Samsung is planning to bring this TV in the global markets as well. So far, they have tease it to be announced on first quarter of 2021.



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