AMD’s Ryzen 3000XT Series of CPUs have been among the users for about a year. The 3000 series have been available in various. The chip maker has announced three new models in its 3000XT Series of desktop CPUs. These chips are based on 7nm Zen 2 architecture manufacturing process. According to AMD, these chips aims to offer 4% performance boost over their X counterparts.

AMD Ryzen 3000XT Series

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The three models are namely 3900XT, 3800XT and 3600XT. These XT series are higher clocked version of the X series. The Ryzen 3900XT, 3800XT and 3600XT processors have  twelve, eight and six core gaining 100MHz, 200MHz and identical boost frequencies over 3600X, 3800X and 3900X respectively.

ModelCores/ThreadsBoost/Base FrequencyTotal CacheTDPSuggested retail price
Ryzen 9 3900XT12/24Up to 4.7GHz/3.8GHz70MiB105W$499
Ryzen 7 3800XT8/16Up to 4.7GHz/3.9GHz36MiB105W$399
Ryzen 5 3600XT6/12Up to 4.5GHz/3.8GHz35MiB95W$249

Regarding the cooling of these chips, only the Ryzen 5 3600XT will include the Wraith Spire OEM cooler. Similarly, Ryzen 9 3900XT and Ryzen 7 3800XT users will require to apply their own cooling solution. And, AMD recommends using a minimum 280mm AIO coolers to experience these products at their best.

We know that the Ryzen processor are quite sensitive to cooling. Thus can rapidly alter their frequency based on small variation in temperature. Therefore, the cooling suggestion is to ensure that you receive that extra 100MHz and 200MHZ over their X partners.

The new Ryzen 3000XT series will be powerful enough to run the latest games, edit 4K footage and run 3D rendering applications. As these chips top off at 4.75GHz of frequency.

Ryzen 3000XT Series Price and Availability

The Ryxen XT series will be out on July 7th. The 3900XT will cost $499. Similarly, the Ryzen 3800Xt will cost you $399. Whereas, the 3600XT will go for sale at price of $249. These price are similar to the launched price of X models launched last year.

Coming Soon

In addition to the new CPU announcement, AMD also announced a new motherboard chipset for Ryzen 3000 desktop processors, the A250 chipset. The A250 is a successor to the A320. Specification for the chipset are not yet available. The A520 motherboards will be available from mid-August.

Apart from all these, AMD also released B550 chipset. This is the company first mainstream chipset supporting PCIe 4.0. Motherboards incorporating the new B550 chipset are now officially available. They will provide more bandwidth for graphics cards and SSDs than B450 motherboards.


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