Microsoft released the first Insider Preview build of Windows 11 to the Dev Channel. The build version is 22000.51.  With this first preview comes the latest features to the masses. However, as it is a new piece of software problems may arise at various stages. You might run into an issue during its installation, after it’s installed or even at booting up. So you might want to reset Windows 11.

If you have already installed the preview build on your PC and run into some issue this guide will help you factory reset Windows 11. Here, we have used the Insider Build 2200.51 to demonstrate the process of resetting Windows 11. Follow along with us.

But before getting started, we would like to let you know that resetting your Windows 11 PC will delete all installed programs. It might also delete all your personal files if you choose to. Hence, create a backup of your data performing factory reset.

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Reset Windows 11 via Settings

Back in 2020, Microsoft introduced a new way to reset Windows known as Cloud Download. What it does is downloads a fresh copy of Windows and installs it. Thus, this method might be handy if you want to wipe your system and start fresh.

Step 1: Firstly, go to Start Menu icon and click on Settings icon. (Shortcut:  Win +I).

opening setting in Windows

Step 2: On the setting app, navigate to Windows Update > Advanced Options. On the same screen, in the Additional Update section, click on the Recovery button.

advance option in setting

Step 3: Once done, you will see an option labeled as Reset this PC, click on it.

reset pc options

Step 4: On the next screen, choose between ‘Keep your files on the PC’ or ‘Erase everything’.

choose whether to keep user files

Step 5: Again you have options to choose between Cloud download and Local reinstall. Cloud Download will download a fresh copy of Windows and installs it whereas the Local reinstall will reset the system locally.

Step 6: On the next screen, you will be warned what will happen when you reset your PC. Also on the same screen, on the bottom right click on Reset.

That’s it, within around 45 minutes depending on your hardware and the option you choose, the Window reset process will be completed.  

In this way, you can factory reset Windows 11 with ease. If you receive any error during the process let us know in the comment below.


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