Nepal has now a new motorcycle manufacturers name Yatri MotorcyclesYatri means a traveler and with the name the company is about same thing. We use two wheeler for day to day commuting. And it is very easy to ride a two wheeler in a cities of Nepal. Nepalese automobile market does not have many electric two wheelers yet. Few are there which are rarely seen on the roads. Similarly, with the electric vehicles, means electric car slowly increasing in Nepalese market. We can see few electric cars on the roads of city in Nepal which is good thing and bad thing as well on the context of Nepal.
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Yatri Motorcycles has a crew who thought about something they can go with the electric generation. And came up with the concept of “Project Zero”. Project Zero can be the massive landmark from Yatri Motorcycles. Because Nepal is facing so much problem with environmental. Where as now Project Zero is a good initiative from Yatri Motorcycles.
Yatri Motorcycles has very young people in the crew who took a step on entrepreneurship. And producing electric motorcycles in NepalThe Project Zero was announced on December 19, 2019. But the Yatri company was founded on 2017 with one man behind named Mr. Ashim Pandey. He started the company and had a idea about the motorcycle from the beginning. Then he started to create a crew with few members with likely mind.

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The Project Zero is a project and it’s a name of this project where the motorcycle name isn’t been final. But for now, it is a Project Zero. Yatri Motorcycles unveiled there first electric motorcycle from Project Zero on December 2019. When the first project zero electric bike was unveiled by Yatri Motorcycles, people got amazed with such a fine concept of an electric bike which is going to be made in Nepal.

The bike’s body is made from 100% carbon fiber which is used to make the weight of the bike light. If the bike has lighter weight then, it will be easier to maintain the speed and the battery can be conserved more. The lighter weight electric bike can reach a top speedof 120 km/h which is equivalent to 143 m/h (miles per hour). And it is quite fast for an electric bike. Yatri motorcycles has stated that the parts are merged by getting it from foreign countries like: USA, India, China and other European countries. Because if the parts for this motorcycle were made in Nepal then it would be taking huge sum of money to be manufactured. But if this project zero gets hit in Nepal, they are surely trying to open the manufacturing for the parts in Nepal it self.

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The main concept and idea to bring this bike was the range. The Yatri Motorcycles’ founder stated that he thought of, we have seen so much electric scooters in Nepal. But we are still not getting the charging ports in different places. What if we don’t need charging ports in different part of cities. But the vehicle giving a long range for a day to day commuting. So, Yatri came up with the Project Zero in terms to provide the larger range to cover with a single charge. Project Zero motorcycle can cover up to 230 km in a single charge. And it takes on 2 hours to charge the battery to full in standard wall outlet which can be found in every Nepalese house. According to the Yatri Motorcycles, a full charge will cost you around NRs. 70 under alternate current (AC). The battery used in this motorcycle is of 30 kW which is equivalent to 43 bhp (brake horse power) and 120 nm torque.

As per the unveil, we can see a 7-inch tablet as the dashboard of the bike which gives touchscreen interface in the bike dashboard. The 7-inch Full HD display for dashboard will also give you full access to the Yatri motorcycles’ Yatri Hub app. Apart from displaying the regular information like speed and GPS, you will also be able to check complex details like estimated money you’ve saved by switching to an EV.

The only one concept of the bike was unveiled on December 2019, where as people have not yet got to ride this bike for test ride.  The company claimed that, people will be able to ride this electric bike on March 2020 which nearly near.
In the overfilled and unreliable roads of Nepal, Yatri Motorcycles’ Project Zero aspects to provide afinest riding experience, with something to show for eco-friendly vehicle too.
Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, director of Jyoti Group, has become the first customer of the Yatri’s first electric bike by booking the first production. Mr. Jyoti booked the bike in the unveiling event where he participated by joining the event. “It is a big deal for Nepali youths to get ahead in technology, so I have purchased even though I do not know the price,” said by Mr. Jyoti. Mr. Jyoti’s booking increased their enthusiasm, said Mr. Ashim Pandey, founder of the company. But still, the price for this bike hasn’t been revealed.
Image Source: Yatri Motorcycles
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