Have you ever been fined for violating a traffic rule in Nepal? If you have then you might have found paying traffic fines difficult.

Before, the fine payer must deposit the amount in the bank recommended by the traffic department. The hassle doesn’t end here, the deposit slip must be submitted to the Metropolitan traffic police department. Then only the fine payer will receive their document. As a result, the fine payer has to spend a lot of time and hassle in queuing at the bank.

traffic fine online payment in Nepal

But now no need to bother, you can pay the traffic fine online directly from your mobile phone. When paying online, the revenue from the fine will be credited directly to the government revenue account.

The online payment service has been launched by the Metropolitan Traffic Police with the development of TVRS (Traffic Violation Record System) software so that the fines for violating traffic rules can be paid online. For now the service is available from eSewa and ConnectIPS only.

This service will be expanded in the coming days. Hence the fine payer can make payments through internet banking and other affiliated PSPs / wallets of banks and financial institutions affiliated to NCHL.

For online payment, the agreement was signed by Senior Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai on behalf of the Metropolitan Traffic Police with Roshan Lamichhane and Nileshman Singh Pradhan, Chief Operating Officer of eSewa and Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL) respectively on Wednesday.

The use of technology and the facility of online payment is expected to make the management of vehicles more efficient. Also, more work can be done with less manpower.

How to pay traffic fine using ConnectIPS?

You can easily pay traffic fine using ConnectIPS in Nepal. All you need to do is follow the steps:

Total Time: 1 minute


The service recipient must log in to the Connect IPS using their username and password. (Only available for web version, soon to be available on mobile app)ConnectIPS login

Government Payment

Navigate to “Nepal Traffic Police” within “Government Payment” on the dashboard.ConnectIPS dashboard, ConnectIPS traffic fine payment

Nepal Traffic Police

Fill the form. Select the sender account, enter the chit number given by the traffic and the financial year.traffic fine payment online using connectips


Lastly click on Submit. Verify your transaction pin. And the transaction will be successful.

How to pay traffic fine using eSewa?

You can easily pay traffic fine online using eSewa in Nepal. All you need to do is follow the steps:

1. You need to log in to the eSewa using your username and password.

esewa login

2. Navigate to “Nepal Police Fine Payment” within “Government Payment” on the dashboard.

eSewa Dashboard

3. Enter your chit number given by the traffic police and the financial year.

traffic police fine payment online using eewa

4. After that you will get details about the fine amount.

5. Finally, click proceed. That’s all.

The payment gets deposited directly in the designated bank of the branch. Also, the details of the payment are will be sent to the traffic system.

As soon as the traffic fines are paid online, the fine payers are no longer obliged to go to the bank branch and deposit the fines.

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