The global pandemic COVID-19 and lockdown situation has halted the traditional education practice. Every institution is shifting towards internet learning, the majority of students are facing difficulty to attend classes. To solve this to some extent, Nepal Telecom and Ncell came up with e-learning packages. The package couldn’t address all the students. Therefore, the Center for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) with collaboration with Nepal telecom is going to provide a prepaid mobile ‘Pathshala CUG Sim’ free of cost which offers attractive packages at minimal cost for learning.

Nepal Telecom Pathshala CUG SIM

As per the ‘School Education Contingency Action Plan 2077’ prepared by Nepal Government, formulated a guideline for free or subsidized internet for learning purpose. Supporting the bill, Nepal Telecom will provide a special SIM. It will further make online learning and communication among teachers, students and parents affordable.

What is Pathshala CUG SIM?

Pathshala CUG SIM card is an initiation from Nepal Telecom to facilitate students and teachers with a proper learning environment. NTC aims to provide this free SIM to all the teachers and students of Community/Public/Government schools for smooth running of the educational system. The company will include every student, parents and teachers in a Closed User Group (CUG) for a particular school.

The Pathshala CUG SIM comes with 5GB of data service to access the learning material of Sikayi Chautari, voice service and SMS services at just Rs. 99. Sikayi Chautari is a learning portal of CEHRO which includes all the courses and textbooks for classes 1 to 10. Also, the SIM card will not limit the calls and SMS with the members in CUG. Further, the user can send bulk SMS with the SIM card.

How to take the Ntc Pathshala CUG SIM card?

If a teacher, students and their parents do not have a Pathshala SIM card, then they can grab it buy filling a registration form. The form should be submitter with a copy of citizenship, ID card and a passport size photo. A photocopy should be of guardian. However, students can register the SIM card on their own names or in their guardian name.

Then the school needs to collect the SIM registration form from the students, their parents and teachers. They should take recommendations from the local body in the duly filled form. Then, the school administration can collect the SIM card at bulk from the nearest Ntc’s office.

Further, Ntc will also provide a Toll Free number at a subsidized rate as far as possible to the particular school.

What about places with no Internet service?

As we know, rural schools might not have internet connection. For that CEHRO will send the list of schools that do not have internet services, including village municipalities. Ntc will perform a study and expand mobile network and Fiber internet to such locations. Similarly, they shall configure Wireless Broadband services there.


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