Pathao teased about the Pathao Food back in 2019. Also the Pathao Car was teased along. However, Pathao Car was launched in August 2019. After a year, Pathao Food is arrived with the aim of completing the order and delivery within 45 minutes.

Pathao is a ride-sharing service which was entered Nepal back in September of 2018. It gained huge success in Nepal within very short time. Now, Pathao is all set to release a new service “Pathao Food” – a quick food delivery service.

Regional Director of Pathao Nepal, Asheem Man Singh Basnyat says, they will possibly launch the Pathao Food service by this Friday at the earliest. Right now, they are trying out the app within its staff members just to adjust the service at best. Further, the update will be first available to the early users of Pathao. After that, they will slowly make available for all of the users.

pathao food delivery service

Pathao Food Aims Deliveries with in 45 minutes

For the beginning phase of food delivery, they will limit the delivery locations. This will result in, not available in all of the locations where Pathao Rides exists right now.

Moreover, users will only be able to order from restaurants that are within 4km from users’ area. Hereafter, they are planning to reduce to 2km from 4km. This will result in completing their aim of delivering within 45 minutes. There will be dedicated delivery persons for quick food deliveries, so that users won’t need to wait for a long time.

Likewise, the delivery person will only take one order at a time. Meaning, they will take next order after completing the active delivery. Best part is, there’s no exact minimum order, leading user can even order meals even of Rs. 50. But the delivery fee will be Rs. 100.

Because of the limited location range, also the food selection is limited. This will ensure the quick delivery of food to users. But soon, the delivery locations will increase in the coming couple of months.

Pathao Food main aim is quick and reliable delivery. Also, they look forward to maintain the same level of service as of Pathao Ride. Pathao Ride has got huge success over a short time where more than 90 out of 100 people uses the service and complete their rides. We can expect similar reliability over the Pathao Food as well.

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