Oppo has always been testing out with their smartphone models. They come with most unique designs that blows mind of people, this time a rollable phone. As we can remember, Oppo came with the N1 smartphone with flipping camera back in 2013. However, this same design we can now see on Samsung Galaxy A80. Then the year 2018, trend of smartphones with notch where Oppo jumped with bezel less and no notch smartphone. The Oppo Find X which got rid of the notch with replace of slide-up cameras.

Making it unbelievable and unpredictable, Oppo is back with a new smartphone concept where screen can be rolled. Oppo X 2021, a rollable concept phone which was showcased at Oppo Inno Day 2020 event.

oppo x 2021, rollable phone, extendable screen

Oppo X 2021: Rollable Phone

The most interesting thing about this device is, it doesn’t have a fixed display size. That is to say, it can be adjust between 6.7 and 7.4-inches in diagonal. Meaning 6.7-inch is the basic size which can be extended up to 7.4-inch. Similarly, you can check the video embedded below that Oppo released it on YouTube.

It uses an OLED panel with a proprietary Warp Track high-strength screen laminate part. Which sits exactly below the actual display and is just 0.1mm thick. But the actual details is yet to be announced but still it is capable of bending at 6.8 mm of diameter.

Thanks to its dual rolling motors underneath the display, which makes totally different with foldable smartphones. Meaning, foldable smartphones tens show up the crease on the bending/ folding area. But Oppo managed to achieve a zero-crease screen with those dual rolling motors. The motors are placed to retract and extend the display with equally distributed on both halves.

The other part for this concept to work well is the dynamic frame. It includes a fixed frame and a moving one placed on top. To prevent screen from collapsing, 2-in-1 plate design with no segment gaps is used. It consists of a metal layers underneath the panel to support the screen stiffness.

However, we can expect this smartphone to launch sooner but not in the current form. It is a concept unveiled on the event with Oppo AR glass. The name, Oppo X 2021, gives a slight hint for follow up announcement of this smartphone on year 2021 by Oppo themselves.


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