On Inno day 2020, Oppo launched the number of innovative products. One of them was Oppo AR Glass 2021 whereas the attraction of the event was a smartphone with rollable display. Last year the company introduced the first iteration of its AR glasses. This year it’s back with the improved version. The previous iteration was mostly like a conceptual product. But this time, the company is delivering a product that looks like an ordinary glass with a slim profile.

Oppo AR Glasses 2021 front look

Oppo AR Glass 2021 Overview

Display and Design

The AR glass 2021 features a 0.71” OLED display, which has its light refracted by a spectroscope to the eye. It uses Birdbath optical technology for 98% increased brightness uniformity and is 53% superior to its predecessor. However, the company didn’t include a field of view estimate, but says the glass provides the same viewing experience as watching a 90” screen just three meters away.

Oppo AR Glasses 2021

The new Glass boasts a split design, something that makes it both compact and lighter than the previous HoloLens-style model. Likewise, the company said the 2021 model is 75% lighter than its predecessor.

Camera and Other Features

The glasses feature binocular fish-eye cameras that capture the environment around you. These cameras are paired with a ToF sensor which enables centimeter level accuracy within 1-degree.

Users can pair the glasses with their phone and use the device as a touchpad. You can track your hands and fingers. 21 unique markers on each hand and four on one finger. Therefore, you can capture even the most subtle movements.

Further, it packs a customized large-amplitude speaker onboard with a unique semi-open cavity acoustic design. Furthermore, the glasses come with OPPO’s voice assistant Breeno built-in for voice commands.

Oppo AR Glass 2021 Availability

It is uncertain when consumers will see Oppo AR Glass hardware itself. But the company has already shown us its early stage content. It includes MOBA-style games, a tower defense game and English learning app, a video viewing app and a home furniture app.

Oppo AR Glasses 2021 in action

Oppo AR developer program is coming out next year which will include a recruitment push for AR content partners, a developer support program and a comprehensive client side SDK will also be released.


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