Nepal is among one of those countries with the highest data prices in the world. We have a handful of mobile service providers; therefore, the competition is low and mobile internet has become expensive in the country.


At present, it costs Rs 1 per MB for Nepal Telecom and Rs 2 for Ncell when using mobile data without a data pack. Although Nepal Telecom is cheaper to run without a package, the scenario of a data pack is a bit different.

Though the regular rate of mobile data is expensive, the data facility can be used for 2 to 3 paisa per MB when purchasing a package. Today we’ll be discussing which of the two major mobile service providers in Nepal, Nepal Telecom and Ncell has cheap and attractive data packs.

One hour package

Both Ncell Axiata and Nepal Telecom offer unlimited packages that can be used for up to an hour. In this package Telecom has given the facility to use unlimited call, data, or SMS service for one hour. The package costs 20 rupees.

On the other hand while using Ncell’s pack you must pay Rs 22 for an hour unlimited service. Only the Internet can be used. Looking at the fees and facilities, Nepal Telecom’s one hour package is more suitable than Ncell’s.

Similarly, NTC’s unlimited data package is priced at Rs 20 per night. In it you can use data at regular speeds up to 1 GB and then at limited speeds. This data pack should be used between 11pm and 6am.

4G data package

In the name of 4G data pack, NTC is providing more packages than Ncell. Both companies have designed these packages so that half of the total data available in the package can be used all the time and the rest in 4G.

NTC’s 4G package has four packages ranging from 6.25 paisa to 15 paisa per MB for a period of one to 28 days.

Similarly, Ncell offers two packages under this. The one-day and three-day packages range from 15 paisa to 15.41 paisa per MB. Telecom’s package is better than Ncell’s 4G package in terms of both price and package options.

Validity PeriodNepal TelecomNcell
DataTotal PricePrice Per MBDataTotal PricePrice Per MB
1 day100 MB 400 MBRs. 15 Rs. 2515 paisa 6.25 paisa80MBRs. 1215 paisa
3 days   240 MBRs. 3715.41 paisa
7 days1 GBRs. 10010 paisa   
28 days3 GBRs. 2408.67 paisa   

1 GB data per day

Each company has its own package of 1 GB data per day. Nepal Telecom has included 3 options in this package. The price ranges from 3.4 paisa to 4.5 paisa per MB. The alluring aspect of Telecom’s package is that it offers voice service as a bonus in 7-day and 28-day packages.

Ncell has given only one option under this package. However, the mobile internet can be used at 2.66 paisa per MB. If you only want to run data, Ncell’s package may be suitable for you. But if you want a voice pack also, you can choose Nepal Telecom.

Validity PeriodNepal TelecomNcell
DataTotal PricePrice Per MBDataTotal PricePrice Per MB
1 day1 GBRs. 454.5 paisa   
7 days7 GB (bonus 98 mins voice)Rs. 2503.57 paisa   
28 days28 GB (bonus 392 mins voice)Rs. 8503.4 paisa   
30 days   30 GBRs. 79992.66 paisa

All-time data package

Of all the data packs being offered by NTC and Ncell, the All Time Data Pack has the most options. Here, Ncell has offered better features in almost all the options. In contrast to NTC, Ncell pack is 3 paisa cheaper per MB in a one-day package, 4.75 paisa cheaper in a three-day package and 6 paisa cheaper in a weekly pack.

Likewise, in the monthly package, Ncell has 30 days and NTC has 28 days validation. If the difference between the two days period is forgotten for a while, then Ncell has made a bet even on the package available on a monthly basis.

Further, in order to use data at a cheaper rate than Ncell’s, you have to take Telecom’s 16 GB package at Rs 800. It costs 5 paisa per MB in this data volume.

Validity PeriodNepal TelecomNcell
DataTotal PricePrice Per MBDataTotal PricePrice Per MB
1 day100 MB 250 MBRs. 15 Rs. 2515 paisa150 MBRs. 1812 paisa
3 days500 MBRs. 6010 paisa400 MBRs. 425.25 paisa
7 days800 MBRs. 10012.5 paisa1.5 GBRs. 986.5 paisa
14 days   2 GBRs. 1396.95 paisa
28 days2.5 GB 7 GB 16 GBRs. 280 Rs. 500 Rs. 80011.2 paisa 7.14 paisa 5 paisa   
30 days   3.5 GB 6 GB 10 GBRs. 248 Rs. 399 Rs. 7997.1 paisa 6.65 paisa 5.99 paisa

Social media data package

Targeting social media users, both companies have come up with different types of packages. Telecom has named the Unlimited Facebook YouTube package while Ncell has marketed it as a non-stop 4G.

Validity PeriodNepal Telecom’s Unlimited Facebook YouTube packageNcell’s Non-stop 4G
DataTotal PriceDataTotal Price
1 day  Unlimited Facebook Unlimited YouTubeRs. 31 Rs. 31
3 daysUnlimited YouTube Unlimited Facebook 1GB Facebook and YouTubeRs. 55 Rs. 55 Rs. 15  
7 days  Unlimited YouTube and Facebook / 4GB additional data Unlimited YouTube / 4GB extra data Unlimited Facebook / 4 GB additional data Unlimited TikTok / additional data 3.17 paisaRs. 191 Rs. 127 Rs. 127
30 days  unlimited YouTube / additional data 7.65 paisa unlimited Facebook / additional data 7.65 paisa unlimited TikTok / additional data 7.65 paisaRs.

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Telecom’s Day Pack Versus Ncell’s Always On Data Package

Telecom is providing 24-day validity packs that can be used from 6 am to 6 pm. There are two options in this pack under which data can be used at 6 paisa and 8.33 paisa per MB.

Validity PeriodNepal Telecom’s Day Pack
DataTotal PricePrice Per MB
6 AM to 6 PM250 MBRs. 156 paisa
6 AM to 6 PM120 MBRs. 108.33 paisa

Ncell has a short-term but slightly different Always On data package like Telecom’s Day Pack. The company also has provided two options. This package can run data at 2.53 paisa to 2.94 paisa per MB.

However, most of the data available in it must be used from 11 pm to 11 am and the rest of the data can be used at any time. Ncell’s Always on Packs are better than Telecom’s day packages as the data is cheaper and can be used for longer.

Validity PeriodNepal Telecom
All time Data Volume11 PM to 11 AM Data VolumeTotal PricePrice Per MB
1 days256 MB768 MBRs. 262.53 paisa
3 days400 MB1200 MBRs. 472.14 paisa

Telecom’s Large Data Pack Versus Ncell’s Mero Plan

Ntc Large data pack

NTC has also introduced large data packs for customers who want to take a lot of data for a long time. This data can be used as low as 5 paisa per MB.

Other short-term packages expire even before we have consumed all data. But since it will last a long time, you don’t have to worry about that.

Once such a data pack is taken, it is safe for two to four months. If you are worried about not being able to consume the pack, even if you have to pay a large amount in advance, this may be the most suitable option for you.

Validity PeriodNepal Telecom’s Large Data Pack
DataTotal PricePrice Per MB
60 days30 GBRs. 16005.33 paisa
120 days60 GBRs. 30005 paisa

Ncell’s Mero Plan

Targeting those who consume a lot of data regularly, Ncell is also offering a data pack called Mero Plan. If you have enough balance in your mobile as soon as the period or volume of this package expires, the same package will be renewed automatically.

Under this package, you can use mobile data for as little as 3 paisa per MB.

Validity PeriodNcell’s mero Plan
DataTotal PricePrice Per MB
7 days2 GB Non-stop YouTube plus 4 GBRs. 95 Rs. 1274.75 paisa 3.17 paisa
15 days2 GBRs. 1477.35 paisa
30 days3 GB 6 GB 15 GB 30 GB 40 GBRs. 254 Rs. 381 Rs. 637 Rs. 980 Rs. 11998.47 paisa 6.35 paisa 4.24 paisa 3.27 paisa 3 paisa

There aren’t any data packages from Ncell exceeding 30 days. Therefore, we have tried to compare mero plans and Telecom’s large data pack.

Telecom has kept the validity of the package very high but the price of data is more than 5 paisa per MB. These telecom packages do not seem to be able to attract users to spend a lot of data at once.

For example, when Ncell’s 15 GB package with 30 days validity is automatically renewed, it will cost Rs 1274 for 30 GB in two months. Even if you get 30 GB of data from Telecom for two months, you have to pay Rs 1,600.

Stay connected data package

The package was introduced by Nepal Telecom at the time of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, it is still in use. This is one of the cheapest options among the available data packs of the company.

You can use mobile data at 2 paisa per minute. But most of the data available in it can only be used on the 4G network.

This is the best option if you are in a place with 4G coverage and need a lot of data. Even if you take a seven-day pack four times, you have to pay a total of Rs 800 for 28 days.

Telecom’s postpaid package

If you use Telecom’s postpaid mobile, the stress of rental charge, which is mandatorily deducted from the mobile every month, remains. You have to spend a minimum of Rs 384 for that.

Even if you don’t use any services or use only other voice and data packs, a separate rental charge will be deducted unnecessarily.

So, Telecom’s postpaid pack is the best option for you. In which if you take a basic package of Rs 384, you get 8 GB of data for one month. In this you can use data at 4.8 paisa per MB.

If you take the prime package available at Rs 599, 6 GB of data is available. It comes with 6 GB of data, 400 minutes on the net, 50 minutes off the net and 200 SMS.

Ncell’s new plan

Ncell’s new plan is specifically targeted at those who use less data but want more validity. It has options ranging from 13.2 paisa to 29.23 paisa per MB.

Although it may seem expensive at first glance, these packs can be useful for you if you don’t spend a lot of time surfing social networks or the web and are only looking for data to pay online.

Validity PeriodNcell’s New Plan
DataTotal PricePrice Per MB
3 day65 MBRs. 1129.23 paisa
5 days150 MBRs. 3926 paisa
7 days200 MBRs. 4924.5 paisa
10 days300 MBRs. 5929.67 paisa
14 days400 MBRs. 6917.25 paisa
21 days550 MBRs. 7914.36 paisa
30 days750 MBRs. 9913.2 paisa

Data pack Subscription method

For NTC, you can use *1415# to subscribe to the pack or SMS to 1415 remembering the different keywords. Whereas, for Ncell, it is *17123# or SMS with keyword to 17123.

Nepal Telecom and Ncell offer good competition to one another. Despite that if you choose data tariff (without any data package), Ntc is cheaper than Ncell. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy data packs you can choose. Likewise, for high volume data users, Ncell is slightly cheaper.

The social media pack including Facebook is found to be cheaper in Ntc comparing the same 7 days Facebook pack in Ncell. Ntc social media pack also includes Twitter but for Ncell it is only for Facebook. Similarly, if you wish to choose an hour unlimited pack, Ntc seems to be better in price and the added value of unlimited Voice and SMS.

Meanwhile, large data packages offered by Ncell are exceptionally cheaper than Ntc.

With the advantage in different categories, there is no clear winner for the data pack. So, we leave it up to you to select one as a winner based on the comparison above.

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