The global pandemic Covid-19 has brought an adverse effect to people’s life. This outbreak has brought downfall in world economy, educations and different other sectors. However, to compensate the loss caused by Corona Virus in education many Universities, Colleges and schools have adopted e-learning. Everyone is trying to return back to their normal lives. Moreover, most of us are working from home or working outside with safety measures.

In context to our country, internet is not in reach of every one. Despite that, students are managing their time and money to attend their classes. Showing support, Nepal Telecom and Ncell have brought dedicated data packs. Nepal Telecom is offering e-Shiksha Package and Happy Learning package whereas Ncell has come up with Student Plan.

Now the students can easily subscribe to these learning package and have uninterrupted classes. Likewise, institute can carry out online classes effectively once they register phone numbers and names of teachers and students to the telcos. Both the Student Plan and Happy Learning Package comes cheap compared to regular data packs. However, the question remains which one is better. Let’s dive into what both the package offers and which one can fulfill your needs most.

Nepal Telecom’s Happy Learning Package VS Ncell’s Student Plan for E-learning

 Ncell Student Plan A, B and CNepal Telecom Happy Learning package
Total Data Volume23GB, 26GB and 32GB24GB or 35GB
Data package distributionAll three plans offer 20GB Data for Microsoft Team, Zoom and Google meetPlan
Plan A
3GB All Time (1GB in 3G/4G and 2GB in 4G)
Plan B
6GB All Time (2GB in 3G/4G and 4GB in 4G)
Plan C
12GB All Time (4GB in 3G/4G and 8GB in 4G)    
20GB Data for Online Learning Application + 4GB Regular Data
30GB Data for Online Learning Application + 5GB Regular Data
Additional PackagePlan A
120-min call per day within CUG Network
50 minutes call per month (Ncell to Ncell)
50 SMS Per Month (Ncell to Ncell)
Plan B
120-min call per day within CUG Network
150 minutes call per month (Ncell to Ncell) 10 minutes call per month (Ncell to Other)
50 SMS Per Month (Ncell to Ncell)
Plan C
120-min call per day within CUG Network
250 minutes call per month (Ncell to Ncell) 50 minutes call per month (Ncell to Other)
100 SMS Per Month (Ncell to Ncell)  
Supported AppsMicrosoft Team, Google Meet and ZoomMicrosoft Team, Google Meet and Zoom
Price23GB@Rs. 319.23 26GB@Rs. 446.92 32GB@Rs. 702.324GB@Rs. 315 35GB@Rs. 500
Validity1 Month28 Days

Nepal Telecom Happy Learning Pack

NTC offers two data volumes to choose from in this package. This package came into existence from 3rd Bhadra and has life span of 28 days. Once subscribed the package will expire in 28 days. The 24GB data volume costs Rs. 315 and 35GB will set your back for Rs. 500 including all tax.

NtC Happy Learning Package

Both the data volumes are attractive offers. In 24GB data volume, 20GB is allocated for e-learning activities supporting apps like Microsoft Team, Google Meet and Zoom, whereas the remaining 4GB can be used for any social media platforms or other applications. Likewise, the 30GB data volume is allocated for e-learning and rest 5GB can be used with any application you wish, from 35GB package.

Ncell Student Plan

Ncell has three data plans for students in this package. This package also started from 3rd Bhadra with the validity of one month. The Student plan, Plan A offers 23GB of data for Rs. 319.23, Plan B provides 26GB of data at Rs. 446.92 and Plan C gets you 32GB of data for Rs. 702.3.

ncell student plan

As you subscribe Plan A, you will receive 23GB data pack, in which 20GB is allocated for educational purpose and 3GB can be used for any purpose. From that 3GB, 1GB can be used in any network (2G/3G/4G) whereas 2GB must be used in 4G network only. Likewise, plan B offers 6GB of non-educational data pack whereas Plan C offers 12GB. From 6GB, 4GB is allocated to use in 4G and rest in any network. Similarly, from 12GB, 8GB must be spent in 4G network and rest in any other networks.

Smilarly, Ncell Student Plan comes with some additional package. Plan A offers 120 min call per day within CUG Network, 50 min call per month (Ncell Network) and 50 SMS Per month. Likewise, Plan B offers 120min call per day on CUG Network, 150 min call per month (Ncell Network), 10 min call on other networks and 50 SMS per month. Lastly, Plan C offers 120min call per day on CUG Network, 250 min call per month (Ncell Network), 50 min call on other networks and 100 SMS per month.

How to Subscribe NTC’s and Ncell’s e-learning data packs?

Subscribing Happy Learning Package (NTC)

You can easily subscribe NTC’s Happy Learning Package. However, it is little different than purchasing other data packs. To subscribe to Happy Learning package follow these steps.

  • At first, the institute you are enrolled in should send an email to [email protected] with NTC mobile number of their teachers/students.
  • NTC will send you a confirmation message.
  • After confirmation, you need to dial *1441#, then select the package either 24GB or 35GB.
  • That’s all you will receive your package.

Note: NTC also provides SEE student offer to grab these package for SEE graduates.

Subscribing Student Plan (Ncell)

If you want to subscribe to Ncell student package then you will be provided with new special SIM that comes with voice, data and SMS combo package. In order to get this SIM follow these steps.

  • Students/Teacher should have to take a recommendation letter from the institute they are enrolled in and have to send an email to [email protected] . The letter must be written in letter head of the corresponding institute.
  • After this, register a special SIM under your institution name or self-name.

Note: You can also activate the student plan in your current Ncell SIM by dialing *17149#. However, for CUG service, you need to ask your institute for the recommendation.

Which E-learning Package to Choose?

Both the data package provided by the NTC and Ncell are more or less similar. Ncell provides combo offers while purchasing a special SIM card. Moreover, you can also apply for offer with the existing SIM card. Whereas, NTC allows you to buy these package in your current SIM only. However, both needs recommendation from educational institute.

Comparing, the base data packs from both the telcos, both offers 20GB for online learning apps. Despite that, Ncell offers 3GB non educational pack and NTC offers 4GB which is 1GB extra. Coming to the cost, NTC’s pack is available for Rs. 315 whereas Ncell pack costs 319.23. Thus, you get more data in NTC with Rs. 5 less.

Similarly, big data packs i.e 35GB (30GB data for educational purpose) from NTC costs Rs 500 whereas 32GB (20GB data for educational purpose) from Ncell costs Rs 702.3. Therefore, if you want high volume for educational purpose then choose NTC’s pack.

Here, Ncell adds the combination of SMS and voice in the Student Plan which turns to be useful for regular usage. Similarly, 120 min call per day in CUG is another benefit from Ncell Student plan.

Further, the non-educational package offered by NTC can be used in any Network. But, Ncell separates the usage for different network. So, if your area has only 3G network then NTC’s data package turns out to be beneficiary as 4G data from Ncell will be of no use for you.

Student plan form Ncell is recurring pack, so you need to pay for every month. Whereas, NTC’s Happy Learning package can be subscribed whenever you require.

So, it’s up to you which one will choose according to which network is better in your area and how much time you invest in e-learning.

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