Microsoft is ready and set to unveil a new version of Windows on June 24. The announcement came out a week after the company’s CEO Satya Nadella announced an upgrade to the PC operating system for developers and creators. Microsoft has begun preparations for a new version to the public now. And they named it, “The Next generation of Windows” for now.

The Next generation of Windows

The media has been invited for this. CEO Nadella and Chief Production Officer Panos Pane will also make presentations at the launch event. It has come out that the new version has made special improvements especially in the visual side. Special changes have also been made to the user interface, which has been renamed Sun Valley.

The new logo of Windows has also been seen at the invitation of Microsoft. Microsoft has already announced that it will not be releasing its new version of Windows Ten X. The company has informed that the visual improvement in the same version will be kept in the main version of Windows Ten.

windows 2021 update
Microsoft: The Next Generation of Windows!

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In the new version, new system icons, including visuals, have been improved in File Explorer. This will also mark the end of Windows 95 era icons. In the new version, the problem of app management in many monitors has also been solved. The Xbox Auto HDR feature and Bluetooth sound support have also been improved.

Microsoft has also been working on building a new App Store for Windows in recent months. The store is rumored to be open to all apps and competing payment providers.

Launch date

Microsoft will unveil “The Next Generation of Windows” on June 24 at a virtual event (11 AM Eastern Time). You can join the live stream by going through this link here.


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