Complete lock down of more than 2 months, the COVID-19 is spreading faster in Nepal nowadays. Slightly, the number of people getting affected over the past few days has been rapidly growing. So, it’s obvious and natural for individuals to start curiously asking the government on how they plan to overcome the disease and decrease the number of victims. Well, our Nepal Government has decided to go technical in this situation to track the COVID-19 patients in Nepal. That’s why the COVIDNP app has been launched.

COVID NP, COVIDNP, Corono virus trace app

Overview of COVIDNP App

The COVIDNP app has been launched to track the corona virus patients in Nepal. The app is currently downloadable from the Google Play Store and will soon be available in the App store for iOS users also. Additionally, beside the mobile app, a web-app has also been launched.

The Prime Minister made a commitment on last month, and then COVIDNP app was launched in response. This COVIDNP app is developed by IMARK Pvt. Ltd. The app has been developed in less than a month, and it is quite admirable. In this epidemic and quick spreading virus, the hope is, Nepal will be able to control the spread of the virus with the help of this app, similarly on the way the South Korea did. Yet, all of us must use this app appropriately.

Covid-19, COVIDNP, corona virus app by nepal government

How does COVIDNP App Works?

Identifying the infected people has been really difficult, as people are not getting proper information and not knowingly they have contacted the virus. For the case, in the app, you will be asked a series of questions related to the symptoms of the corona virus.
Covid-19, COVIDNP, corona virus app by nepal government, COVIDNP sign up
COVIDNP, COVID-19, Nepal, corona virus trace appBefore that, every user will need to sign up an account by registering name and phone number. While registering, OTP code will be sent to the entered mobile number. And after signing up, user will be asked questions and as per the user’s answers, the user will be labeled red, yellow, or green. As these divisions, it will help users to be identify whether they have possibly contracted the virus or not. And will be asked to take the proper safety measures.

COVIDNP, COVID-19, Nepal, corona virus trace appMoreover, the app and data from the users will also help the government to provide medical assistance properly. The app will be asking the permission for the Bluetooth and Location from your device to be turned on. And by keeping your Bluetooth on, others around you will also be able to see your COVID-19 status. Hence, making it easier for public to know who might be affected around them.

Furthermore, with the number of rise in the spread of the virus, the misinformation has also been spread too. With the help of this COVIDNP app, users will get accurate information about the virus, how it spreads, and exact number of victims from different states and recovered ones, and so on.

Using this app is definitely getting to be very helpful in tackling the present difficulty as the government will be able to collect data from an essential source. However, only time will tell the effectiveness of the app. It’ll take a cooperative effort from both the citizens also the government for us to return out of this disaster safely.



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