Ncell JobShop

Ncell Axiata Limited has launched a new service ‘Ncell Jobshop’. Ncell’s customers can now easily find the employment opportunities and manpower they need in the internal labor market.

The service will connect both job seekers and providers online. Ncell has launched this service under its current campaign ‘Unpause’.

The company said that the campaign has launched with the objective of motivating the people to reconsider the future in the current difficult situation. Ncell’s Chief Commercial Officer Pradip Srivastava said that many people lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

“The development of virtual communication has made it possible to communicate with each other online,” he said.

‘There is a growing tendency to work and look for employment opportunities even away from the workplace. We are happy to bring this innovative service that connects job seekers directly with employers, ”he added.

Srivastava said “Ncell jobshop would provide an opportunity to connect those who lost their jobs in difficult circumstances”. He said, “We believe that this service, which brings together both job seekers and employers in one place, is of great importance.”

The epidemic has affected all sectors and has deprived many people of employment. At such a time, Ncell is expected to be a useful tool for those who are looking for employment opportunities. Also, it would be useful for those looking for manpower for their work.

How does Ncell JobShop work?

In the initial stage, physical workers and those who want such manpower will be able to avail this service from their own mobile. Both parties will receive a message via SMS, each time a match is made between the job seeker and the employer’s need.

The company said that the service can be subscribed by anyone who is using Ncell’s service and looking for work. For this, you have to create a profile according to the job you are looking for and your skills.

People looking for a job also need to create a profile that reveals their needs. When a post about job search and job search needs matches, information is sent to both parties. The information exchanges on a daily basis via SMS.

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How to Subscribe to the JobShop service? 

Customers wishing to avail this service can do so by dialing *17137# or by visiting the Ncell website. There will be a fee of Rs 6.38 including tax for posting a requirement for the employer or employer.

Details of work once posted are said to last for a week. Similarly, job seekers will be able to avail this service for three days, seven days, one month, six months or annually.

Job seekers will be able to buy a three-day pack for Rs 3.83 including tax. Accordingly, the profile of the concerned worker will remain active within the time limit of the pack.

Customers will be able to activate the seven-day pack at Rs 8.94 including tax and the 30-day pack at Rs 38.31 including tax. Customers who want to keep their profile active for an extended period of time will be able to do so at Rs 153.22 and Rs 229.84, including pack tax for a period of 6 months and 12 months, respectively.

Earlier, Ncell had come up with an attractive Go SIM scheme targeting women under the same Unpause campaign. Under this, Ncell has stated that it will bring various service facilities for the customers in the coming days as well.


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