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Ncell Axiata has unveiled the new voice pack to make calls to India: Ncell India call pack. The pack is the solution for those users willing to make calls to India. Ncell’s prepaid customers will now be able to talk to their family members and friends in India at affordable rates.

This service is the part of Nce—ll’s ongoing ‘Fast Forward Life’ campaign.

Ncell India call pack

Under this voice pack, the company has brought daily and 3-day voice package to call India at local rates. With daily pack the customers can call any number in India for 10 minutes for Rs 25 including tax. Its validation duration will be only 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the 3 Day voice pack costs Rs 14 including tax and valid for 3 days. With this pack you can call India at the rate of Rs 1.99 per minute (Rs 2.54 per minute including tax).

The current charge for calling India without voice pack is Rs 2.99 per minute (Rs 3.82 per minute including tax).

Ncell India Call PacksPrice with Tax – NRsValidityPrice/Min (excl tax)
Daily Pack251 Day
3 Day Rate Cutter143 DaysRs 1.99

How to subscribe to Ncell voice packs to call India? 

For daily India voice pack, prepaid customers can dial * 17118 * 7 * 1 # from Ncell SIM and activate the service.

Similarly, prepaid customers can easily activate 3 days India voice pack by dialing * 17118 * 7 * 2 #.

The company has stated that, this plan has been brought in line with its commitment to provide quality service at affordable rates to the customers.

 How can I purchase Ncell India voice packs?

You can purchase Ncell India Call packs by following two ways:
USSD – Dial *17118*7*1# for daily pack and *17118*7*2# for 3 Day Rate Cutter
SMS – Type 25 and send SMS to 17118 for daily pack & type 14 and send SMS to 17118 for 3 Day Rate Cutter.

Who can buy Ncell India voice packs?

All Ncell prepaid subscribers can buy these packs.

Can I buy Ncell India voice packs multiple times?

You can buy daily pack multiple times, but 3 Day Rate Cutter cannot be bought multiple times.

Can I buy both Ncell India voice packs at once?

Yes, you can buy both packs at once.

How long will the Ncell India voice packs be valid?

This offer will be valid until 25 April, 2021. If closed earlier then will be informed accordingly.


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