Students with Ncell SIM card can now easily study various subjects as per their requirement anytime, anywhere through audio. Ncell Axiata Limited has launched ‘Ncell Audio Class’. Under this service students can learn curriculum-based lessons from their mobile phones. Now, for learning the only requirement for student is Ncell Audio Class on their mobile device.

ncell student plan

What is Ncell Audio Class?

The service is an initiation from Ncell to provide feasible mechanism to student for learning. The service when activated offers audio classes for student in different subjects. Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Students can access any lesson from anywhere, anytime within the Ncell coverage.

This innovative service from the company is based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This service has been brought under the company’s #unpage campaign. The campaign aims to move forward by reconsidering the future in the current difficult situation.

In the meantime, the company is glad to bring this service to its customers. Now, curriculum-based educational materials can be learned from IVR using the phone through the mobile network. Also, the service defines the learning experience.

Ncell believes that this ‘Ncell Audio Class’ is of special importance to the education of customers and students. Similarly, the service will help them to learn easily and unleash their true potential despite various obstacles.

In the first phase, courses from class 1 to class 4 are available in audio class service. Ncell aims to provide study material up to class 10. These additional subject will be included slowly in a phase wise manner.

How to activate Ncell Audio Class?

Students can easily learn various subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These study materials and lessons can be accessed from any place with Ncell network coverage.

Customers can activate the audio class service as per the instructions received by dialing 17144. Interested customers can also avail audio class service packs through SMS, USSD and web channels.

There are currently two options for audio classes, 3 days, and 7 days. In the 3-day pack, students can avail the service of 50 minutes of audio class. The service costs only Rs. 7 including tax. Similarly, customers can avail the service of 100 minutes of audio class in 7 days pack. The service will costs only Rs. 14 including tax

At the end of a certain minute under an audio pack, customers can re-purchase an additional 50 minutes of audio class service for only Rs.7. Further, for the first 5 months after the launch of this service, every new customer of Audio Class can use this service for free for one week.

As part of this #unpause campaign, Ncell had earlier come up with various schemes. One of which is Ncell Jobshop, a platform to connect job seekers and providers. Similarly, targeting women they have provided attractive GGO SIMs.


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