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The government has launched “Nagarik App” finally with the objective of providing all possible public services through a single app. Lately, various government services has been gradually made available online. However, the government has brought a Nagarik app to cover all the services in a single platform.

Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung unveiled the app at a press conference on Friday. Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Hari Prasad Basyal said that it will bring government services in the hands of the people.

Nowadays we can avail various services from mobile. The government has also started providing its various services online. But there is an obligation to use different apps for different public services. This has created a kind of chaotic situation.

Remembering different logins and passwords for different apps is a different challenge. Ending this kind of problem, the government has brought a Nagarik app. It aims to provide all public services from one app as much as possible.

The government has announced to build Digital Nepal for good governance, development, and prosperity. The Nagarik app envisaged by the government policy and program of 2075/76 is believed to be an important cornerstone for Digital Nepal.

Nagarik App

Service Integration

At present, various government agencies have digital details that can identify citizens. However, these information aren’t integrated. Different apps like Passport App, Supreme court of Nepal and Nepal Rajpatra app provides different services.  

The Ministry of Home Affairs has more than 20 million citizenship details. Further, the information of 15.5 million citizens including fingerprints and photos is on the server of the Election Commission. Similarly, the passport department has passports of more than 6 million citizens.

Using the details from these three places, the digital identity of the citizen has been established in this app.

Now, all you need to enter is a mobile number or Nagarikta number. Then the app will gather all the information needed for a service request. At the same time, to eliminate the hassle of having to submit documents while availing any service, the app automatically collects and confirms the required details. Likewise, it is said that this will put an end to the hassle of citizens having to submit various details like citizenship, passport, company registration, educational certificate.

As it is an initial phase, only a few services are provided from the application. As known, the app shall integrate other services gradually.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, more than 40 out of the 64 services will be available in this app.

Nagarik App mobile number fill up form

Nagarik App

The Nagarik App is already available to download in the app store. According to Secretary, the app has been made public in the Beta version. Hence the app will go through many changes until it gets free from glitches.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli urged all Nepali citizens to use the app and make suggestions for necessary improvements.

Nagarik App Nepal with government servises

For now, the app is limited to nine services only. But it aims at providing all government services within it with the vision of Digital Nepal. Therefore, this app has been made as a project of national pride

It is expected to save time, reduce hassle, save expenses, and help in reducing corruption by increasing transparency. This app is designed to be easily used by every Nepali citizen.

Services in the Nagarik App

The services integrated with the Nagarik app are.

  • PAN Registration
  • Educational Documents
  • Local Government Information (Like Nagarpalika, Gaupalika)
  • Nagarik Lagani Kosh (Citizen Investment Trust)
  • Sanchaya Kosh (Employees Provident Fund)
  • Samajik Surakshya Kosh
  • Lok Sewa
  • Company Registration

We can expect more services to come in the future.

  • Passport (MRP)
  • Driving License
  • Wealth document
  • Employment

Further, you can complain about the issue that you are facing from different government organizations in the app. To register your complaint, navigate to My complains then Add Complain.

The app is an invitation for good governance. Hope that the app will be handy to acquire all the government services making people’s lives better. Meanwhile, we assume it to be transparent and help reduce the corruption.

Nagarik App Downlink link for iOS and Android.

What do you think about the Nagarik App? Let us know in the comment section!

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