refurbished mobiles in Nepal, mobile manufacturing in NEpal

The government has started the feasibility study process to produce assembled mobiles and laptops in Nepal. Such preparations has been started to minimize import and produce billions of rupee worth mobile phones in Nepal.

Mobile assembly has been a topic of discussion in Nepal in past. Finally, the government has now expedited the process.

Millions of mobile phones worth millions of rupees are being imported in the country annually. InPhones have been one of the essentials for Nepalese. We use phones for making calls, using internet and for reading also. Thus, assembling the phones in the country will contribute to national economy.

Chairman of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Purushottam Khanal, said that a study has been started to produce mobile phones in Nepal. “A study has been started in Nepal for the work related to assembling and refurbishing mobile phones to support employment and income generation through potential industry-oriented businesses,” he added.

According to the statistics of the customs department till January, mobile phones worth Rs 24 billion have been imported. Stakeholders have been saying that mobile phones and laptops must be produced in Nepal as the use of mobile phones has been increasing at a high rate in recent times.

Current mobiles import: 25 to 30 billion mobiles annually

If mobile gets assembled in Nepal, Nepali customers will be able to buy mobile phones at a cheaper rate. Also, job opportunities will be created.

Due to the increasing technology globally, things like mobiles, laptops, autos, tablets have become inevitable. Due to which, it is necessary to emphasize on the production of such materials in Nepal as well, says NEA.

Most of the foreign brands have a monopoly in Nepal. The monopoly of foreign brands has also overshadowed Nepali products. NEA chairperson Purushottam Khanal said that the NEA is currently studying the modalities of importing mobiles in Nepal.

“We are in discussions with the mobile operators and the government on the issue,” he said. Also he added that if the mobile phones, which are imported annually, by ay means assembled in Nepal, would have a positive impact.

Earlier, production plants of various materials have been started in Nepal. Assemblies including Bajaj Motorcycle, TVS Motorcycle, Setup Box are being produced in Nepal at present.

Mobiles Price in Nepal: Entry Level to Flagship

How is the process going on?

NEA is preparing to move ahead by studying the possibility of mobile production soon. Along with the production, NEA is also looking at whether mobile phones can be refurbished or not.

Refurbishment means that the old smartphones are certified by various companies as functional and sold in the market as new ones. NEA has already formed a task force to study the issue of mobile phone production.

Among them are representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, representatives of Mobile Importers Association, independent experts and representatives of NEA.

A report has been prepared by studying the international practice, current situation, tax system of the Government of Nepal and other necessary documents.


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