System wide dark mode is becoming increasingly popular for many operating system. The Microsoft office apps for Windows got support for dark theme some time ago. However, only some apps like OneNote and Outlook have 100% dark mode. Soon, users will be able to turn of the light for Microsoft Word also.

According to the @flobo09,  the desktop version of Microsoft Word will  soon come with improved dark mode. The leakster posted a picture of a new beta version of word with a full dark theme. Here, the image speaks itself, the previously white pages are now being dark. However, the style section in the ribbon has kept its white boxes. Moreover, the improved dark tone is easier on the eyes. Also, it is good to see Microsoft has managed to resolve some f the inconsistencies in the Windows.

Currently Microsoft is working hard to improve the dark mode for MS Word desktop. Once it’s done, it will be available for general users. The option to turn off light theme is already there in the application. But while turning it off only the certain portion of the application gets the dark theme. For example: while we apply dark theme the document area gets unchanged. But when the update gets available, users can adopt the dark theme almost everywhere in the application.

Microsoft Office App in advancement

For now, this compressive dark mode feature is still in development.  Soon the feature will roll out for users. Similarly, we don’t know will it be limited to word only? Similarly, we ‘ll have to wait if the other office apps like PowerPoint and Excel will get the similar treatment.

Further, the company hasn’t uttered a word about this feature. However, there are reports that by next month, the dark theme upgrade for word will hit the production channel.

Lastly, what are your thoughts about the Microsoft Office Word desktop dark mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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