How to transfer money from viber?, How to link esewa to viber?

Now you can send money while talking on Viber. An agreement was reached between Rakuten Viber and e-service on Wednesday.

With this agreement, Viber users will now be able to easily link their eService account to Viber. From which money can be sent to top up mobile and other person’s eSewa account.

The process of sending money from Viber will be safe and secure. The way to link eSewa in Viber is also easy. Here we are telling you about it.

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How to linking eSewa with Viber?

To do this, first open the Viber app and go to a chatbox with a friend.

As soon as you open the chat box, you will see the ‘GIF’ option at the bottom of the chat. Click on that option.

Now you will see the service logo there. Click on the logo.

linking esewa procedure 1

There you will see an option called ‘Register’. Register your mobile number by clicking there.

linking esewa procedure 2

After registering the number, you will now see the option called ‘Link Account’. Press on it.

linking esewa procedure 3

Now the service will open in a new tab. Where you have to login with your eSewa number and password.

linking esewa procedure 4

When you log in, a message with a One Time Password (OTP) PIN will come to your mobile via eSewa. Confirm by entering the OTP number.

linking esewa procedure 5

Before confirming, don’t forget to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and tick it.

linking esewa procedure 6

After doing so, your eSewa account will be linked to Viber. As soon as the account is linked, you will see the ‘Continue’ option. Click on it.

Now to ‘top up’ your mobile and send money go to “Send Money”.

linking esewa procedure 7

Note: To send money both the sender and the receiver must have an eService account. But, in case of top-up, you can recharge any mobile number.

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