Windows 11 first leaked on the Chinese site Baidu. After that it got the attention of many tech enthusiasts and spread like a wildfire among different communities. The new Windows OS brought many changes which gave it a distinguished look and caught the spotlight with features like a redesigned Taskbar, Start Menu, and Context Menus. However not everyone likes these features. So here we will left-align Windows 11 Taskbar as in previous Windows OS.

Left Align Taskbar

Yes, you can easily go back to time with the Windows 11 i.e. align the taskbar to the left as in the Windows 10.  Many of us have been so used to the left aligned taskbar, therefore it takes time to get used to the new taskbar.

Most of us have witnessed Windows evolve from Windows 98 to Windows 10. And in all those iterations one thing remained the same i.e. common left aligned taskbar. Having said that, if you are the one having difficult times with the centered taskbar icons and want it to move back as the things were used to before follow the steps below.

Left align Taskbar Windows 11

Taskbar is one of the crucial components in Windows as we access the Start Menu, Cortana, apps, quick settings calendar and notification center from there. It remained left aligned until Windows 11 came into existence.

Here, we’ll show how to align the Taskbar to the left using the in-built Setting option and registry editor.

Replicate Windows 10 taskbar in Windows 11 using settings

You can simply move the Windows 11 taskbar to the left using the Settings app. The new Windows has the option to put the taskbar to the left within its Setting itself.

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu icon and navigate to Settings. Also, you can simply press Windows + I shortcut to open the Settings.

windows 11 personalization tab

Step 2: Once done, Settings windows will pop up. Click on the Personalization tab from the available option then on the Taskbar menu.

Windows 11 taskbar menu

Step 3: Now, choose the required alignment (Left or Center) from the taskbar alignment drop-down menu.

windows 11 taskbar alignment drop down
taskbar alignment dropdown menu

As you finish your taskbar will be left aligned. You will once again see the start menu to the bottom left corner of the screen after applying the setting.

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Left Align Windows 11 taskbar via Registry Editor

Are you searching for an alternate way to align the taskbar to the left. Here are the steps with which you can move the taskbar to the left using the Registry Editor.

Step 1: First of all, open the Start Menu, and search for “Registry.” Different results will appear from there click on “Registry Editor.” (Shortcut: Hit Windows + R and type regedit)

Step 2: In the Registry Editor’s address bar, you need to enter the following path:


Step 3: Among all the available values, select the value dubbed as TaskbarAl

Step 4: Right-click on the file, then click Modify

Step 5: Select the hexadecimal value from the following:

0: For Left Aligned Taskbar

1: For Center Aligned Taskbar

Changing Values of TaskbarAI in Registry Editor

Step 6: Once done, restart your system

Congratulations, now you know how to change the alignment of the taskbar and have Mac-like experience.

However, which do you prefer, Left-aligned or Centrally-aligned taskbar? Let us know in the comment section.


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