CG Internet has started offering double speed internet at half the market price and a new wave has emerged in Nepal’s internet market. With the entry of CG Net, internet service providers are seen in a bid to increase speed and reduce prices.

In the last few months, there has been talk of CG Net coming to the market at a cheaper price. At the same time, internet service providers started releasing one after another attractive packages.

Internet Service Competition before CGNet

WorldLink has launched a cheap internet package including IPTV at Rs 799. Soon after, Classic Tech gave it a counter and launched an IP TV with 20 Mbps internet at Rs 799. Similarly, for the first time in Nepal, Vianet has announced an offer of 100 Mbps speed internet (annual package with three ViaTVs at Rs. 21,600).

They increased the 60 Mbps package to 100 Mbps at the same price. To counter that, Classic Tech announced a similar package available at Rs 1,800.

Entry of CGNet in Nepal’s Internet Service market

CG, which has been making a name for itself in the market, has taken a step forward by bringing 120 Mbps speed internet with additional speed at half the current price. With the entry of CG, the internet market has taken a new direction.

Now service providers are seen competing to offer higher speeds at lower prices instead of low speed internet at cheaper prices. For customers using DishHome TV at Rs 600 per month, DishHome has offered 10 Mbps internet for free and is offering 30 Mbps internet at Rs 233 per month.

Not only that, DishHome Fiber Net has now announced to bring 200 Mbps speed internet. The company has stated that the package will be attractive even in terms of price.

Nepal Telecom’s Offer

Nepal telecom Ftth fiber to the home plans

Recently, the government-owned telecom company Nepal Telecom has also entered into competition among internet service providers. The company, which is providing IPTV and telephone services along with internet on fiber, has also started providing mobile data for free.

The company has just said that it will provide 300 MB of mobile data for free to FTTH internet users above 20 Mbps.

Internet Service Providers with Package Plans and Pricing

CGNet Plans and Price

cgnet internet package
Speed (Mbps)120 Mbps
1 MonthRs. 999
3 MonthsRs. 2,997
6 MonthsRs. 5,994
12 MonthsRs. 11,988

One Time Internet Set-Up Charge:

1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
Single Band RouterRs. 2,500Rs. 2,000Rs. 1,500FREE
Dual Band Router (Optional)Rs. 3,500Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,500FREE
Refundable DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

WorldLink Plans and Price

worldlink latest plans and offers


Speed (Mbps)20 Mbps30 Mbps40 Mbps50 Mbps60 Mbps80 Mbps
1 MonthN/ARs. 1,550/-Rs. 1,850/-N/ARs. 2,200/-N/A
3 MonthsN/ARs. 4,500/-Rs. 5,450/-N/ARs. 6,450/-N/A
12 Months13,200/-Rs. 14,400/-N/ARs. 14,400/-Rs. 22,000/-Rs. 22,000/-
Free Connections1 TV1 TV2 TV2 TV3 TV3 TV

Router Pricing:

Months20 Mbps30/40 Mbps60/80 Mbps
Single Band Router | Dual Band RouterSingle Band Router | Dual Band RouterSingle Band Router | Dual Band Router
1 MonthRs. 2,500/- | Rs. 4,000/-Rs. 2,500/- | Rs. 3,500/-Rs. 2,500/- | Rs. 2,500/-
3 MonthsRs. 2,000/- | Rs. 3,500/-Rs. 2,000/- | Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 2,000/- | Rs. 2,000/-

One Time Internet Set-Up Charge:

1 Month3 Months12 Months
Installation ChargeFREEFREEFREE
Drop Wire ChargeRs. 500Rs. 500FREE
Refundable DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

Vianet Internet Service Plans and Pricing

internet service vianet latest plans and offer

Internet and IPTV Package Plans:

 Guna-Sampanna 20 Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 30 Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 40 Mbps 2TV+Guna-Sampanna 60 Mbps 3TV+
1 MonthN/ARs. 1,550Rs. 1,850Rs. 2,250
3 MonthsN/ARs. 4,500Rs. 5,400Rs. 6,600
 Guna-Sampanna 20 Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 50 Mbps TV+Guna-Sampanna 75 Mbps 2TV+Guna-Sampanna 100 Mbps 3TV+
12 MonthsRs. 13,200
(Effectively 1100/m)
Rs. 1,000
Reward Points Free!
Rs. 15,000
(Effectively 1250/m)
Rs. 1,000
Reward Points Free!
Rs. 17,400
(Effectively 1450/m)
Rs. 1,000
Reward Points Free!
Rs. 21,600
(Effectively 1800/m)
Rs. 1,000
Reward Points Free!

Only Internet Package Plans:

45 Mbps1 MonthRs. 1,550
45 Mbps3 MonthRs. 4,500
45 Mbps12 MonthRs. 15,000

One Time Installation Charges:

For Internet1 Month3 Months12 Months
Installation ChargeRs. 3,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 1,500 FREE
Fiber WiFi Device DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
5Ghz WiFi Add-on (Optional)Rs. 3,100Rs. 3,100Rs. 3,100
For ViaTV1 Month3 Months12 Months
STB Activation (Primary)Rs. 3,000 Rs. 1,500Rs. 2,500 Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,500 FREE
Secondary STB ActivationRs. 2,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 2,000
STB DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

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Classic Tech Plans and Pricing

classic tech internet service providers


Speed (Mbps)Dhamakedar 20 MbpsClassic-Plus 30 MbpsClassic-Plus 40 MbpsToofan 50 MbpsToofan 60 MbpsToofan 80 Mbps
1 MonthN/ARs. 1,550Rs. 1,850N/AN/AN/A
3 MonthsN/ARs. 3,150Rs. 3,814N/AN/AN/A
6 MonthsN/ARs. 5,670Rs. 6,300N/AN/AN/A
12 Months9,588Rs. 10,500Rs. 12,247Rs. 14,994Rs. 17,396Rs. 21,596

One Time Internet Set-Up Charge:

For Internet1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
Fiber RouterRs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 500FREE
FTTH CableRs. 500Rs. 500FREEFREE
ONU DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
For Classic Prabhu TV1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
STB Activation (Primary)Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 1,500
STB Activation (Secondary) applicable for 40 Mbps or moreN/AN/AN/ARs. 1,500
STB Activation (Tertiary) applicable for 80 Mbps or moreN/AN/AN/ARs. 3,000
STB DepositRs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,000 | Rs. 1500 (for tertiary)

DishHome Internet Service Plans and Pricing


Speed (Mbps)25 Mbps30 Mbps40 Mbps60 Mbps80 Mbps100 Mbps
1 MonthRs. 1,100Rs. 1,250Rs. 1,500Rs. 1,750Rs. 2,000Rs. 2,200
3 MonthsRs. 3,000Rs. 3,400Rs. 4,200Rs. 4,850Rs. 5,500Rs. 6,000
6 MonthsRs. 5,500Rs. 6,300Rs. 7,800Rs. 9,300Rs. 10,500Rs. 11,400
12 MonthsRs. 10,000Rs. 11,500Rs. 14,500Rs. 17,500Rs. 20,000Rs. 22,000

One Time Internet Set-Up Charge:

1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
Fiber Router RentalRs. 1,000Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
Drop WireRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500FREE
Refundable DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

NT FTTH Package

Speed (Mbps)18 Mbps18 Mbps35 Mbps55 Mbps
1 MonthRs. 800N/AN/AN/A
3 MonthsRs. 2,300Rs. 4,600Rs. 5,700Rs. 6,300
6 MonthsRs. 4,300Rs. 8,000Rs. 9,200Rs. 10,300
12 MonthsRs. 8,000Rs. 13,800Rs. 16,000Rs. 18,400


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