If you are in to e-commerce business or try to buy something from international e-commerce website. Then you will exactly know how international payment plays huge roles. Many people right now trying to buy something from international e-commerce store. But can’t pay the cost money of the item that they want.

So, here we will be discussing about the international payment gateways. So that we can buy and pay on international e-commerce store. Not only e-commerce, also for the OTT we can’t pay with our own debit or credit card. Nepal Rastra Bank is working on the international payment to provide these facilities to us.

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NRB on International Payment Issue

NRB included the issue of payment of international digital services and e-commerce in review of monetary policy. If this point passes on, you can pay for Netflix and Amazon from Nepal.

According to Monetary Policy Point 66 Review Report, it states that an arrangement will be made to import foreign goods. Including services up to a certain amount through online and provide exchange facility in foreign currency.


Just a few days ago, the Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, Mr. Maha Prasad Adhikari, had said that discussions were ongoing. And the arrangement of making international payments of up to USD 500 online is on review. As soon as the issue is formally introduced in the monetary policy, NRB will be busy. Busy on homework of making necessary legal arrangements for international payments through online.

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Soon, services like Amazon, Netflix and international e-commerce companies goods can be purchased from Nepal directly. At present, due to the lack of legal system, on the one hand, such payments from Nepal have been considered illegal. While Nepali consumers still deprived of the benefit of world-class services.

So, it is not far to see the international payments service for us. And we can pay for the Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other OTT services. Including, the e-commerce stores to buy product directly.

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