Instagram has recently launched new feature called Reel in India. Instagram Reel will be one of the biggest rivals for the TikTok. As, recently TikTok and other 58 Chinese apps were banned in India. And TikTok was one of the popular social media apps on India. Now, Instagram Reel will possibly replace that app.


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What is Instagram Reel?

Instagram’s new feature Reel is similar to the TitTok app. It allows user to create short video up to 15 seconds which unlike Instagram stories. Stories lasted for couple of seconds and get removed after 24 hours.

It allows users to add filter on the short video including music. Videos can be shared with the Instagram followers and also in Explore section. A video icon has been added on user’s feed so that, the uploaded videos stays in same place rather mixing with photos.

How to get started?

As said before, Instagram reel is quite different form Instagram stories. So, reel can be found on the Instagram camera besides the Boomerang options among others.

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So, users will need to open IG camera and select the Reels option to create a short video up-to 15 seconds. Reels is very similar to TikTok and it provide options like speed, audio from Instagram Music library, timer and effects.

After recording a reel, users can choose the audience they want to share with. Hence, Reel can be shared in the Explore section and share publicly on that platform.

AR effects has been available on Instagram earlier on stories as well. Users can use AR on Reels as well and give a unique touch to the videos. AR effects can be added from the effects option.

Reels can be reviewed before posting and can be deleted even. Re-record the perfect reel and go on. Multiple short videos can be recorded at once and also different effects can be used in each clip.

Reels also provide users to use their own sound as in TikTok. There is a “Use Audio” option where users can select their original audio or from the device itself.

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Where to find Reels on Instagram?

Instagram reels can be watch on IGTV as the use uploads. Also, can go watch on user’s feed where you get video section for it. If user has shared their video publicly then a you can find the video on Explore section as well.

Which means, if user has a public open account then, you can see that user’s video on explore section. Otherwise, if user has a private account then, you must follow him/her to watch the reel or even other posts. Reel users might end up uploading on the stories. For that, you can normally watch in stories section.

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