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Protect privacy on Smartphones iOS and Androids

Protect Privacy on Smartphones | Some tips to do it

Do you trust the applications on your phone? Various investigations have revealed that more than a thousand apps have violated the rules.  And violated the user’s privacy even when...
how to connect android/ios device to smart tv uing anyview cast?

What is Anyview Cast? How to use Anyview Cast?

The task of Anyview Cast is to mirror the screen of your smartphone to smart TV. You will be able to view all your photos, videos, images. on your TV.
traffic fine online payment in Nepal using connectIPS and esewa

How to pay traffic fine online using ConnectIPS and eSewa?

Do you know, you can pay the traffic fine online directly from your mobile phone? Pay traffic fine using ConnectIPS and eSewa in Nepal.
change text size in cmd, change font in cmd, change color in cmd

How to change text size and background color on Command Prompt

Command Prompt or cmd is a command line interpreter application on Windows operating systems. Command prompt is also known as Ms-DOS Prompt. It is basically used for performing advanced...
What is Spacedesk? How does spacedesk works?

SpaceDesk: Use Android or iOS Device as Secondary screen

Sometimes while working on your PC, you might have a random thought about second monitor. Or you just need external monitor for the work that are being pursued. And...
Mariana's Web

What is Mariana’s Web? How to access it?

Mariana's Web, the name given to the deepest part of the internet and the name is inspired by Mariana's Trench. Mariana's Trench is the deepest trench in the world...
free google account storage space

Google’s Account Storage Full? How to free Google’s Account Storage?

Google has announced major improvements to its upcoming storage policy. These improvements will have a huge impact on current Google's account holders. Google will discontinue the free unlimited high-quality photo...
How to transfer money from viber?, How to link esewa to viber?

How to recharge mobile from Viber app?

Now you can send money while talking on Viber. An agreement was reached between Rakuten Viber and e-service on Wednesday. With this agreement, Viber users will now be able to...
malware protection

How to protect your Windows PC from malware?

Malware is looking for new ways to infect computers. Malware protection is very essential to protect your PC. Tips to keep your data and account safe and reduce risk Keep...

When and how to change Google Account password?

If someone tries to gain access to your Google Account, you will receive a pop-up message. If it is not related to you, that is, you are not trying...