LG Smart TV is one of the top-notch products in its niche and is well known for its high-quality picture. But since, many customers reported that their smart LG TVs did not connect to their home network. The issue was found to be not limited to a particular model of the LG TV. In some cases, the problem occurred with the out-of-the-box TV, while, in others, the issue occurred with a perfectly working TV while mirroring content to the TV. This article will go through the factors causing LG smart TV Wi-Fi connection issues and their solution.

LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi [Reasons]

wifi problem on lg tv

Several Devices Connected: 

Many home devices are connected to the same network, like laptops, phones, TVs, and smart home devices. Meanwhile, connecting too many devices to the same network system may result in some connectivity issues. For instance, connecting too many devices to the same network results in a slow Wi-Fi network, which eventually causes the TV not to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Incorrect Date/Time

All the LG TVs have a built-in internet time, which is used to keep track of time. Your network may be out of sync with the date and time.

Generic Bug

Sometimes, you may feel that your TV is experiencing a temporary error or problem with the Smart functions. You may see an error code on your device, and the apps may stop working. If this happens, please wait a few hours to see if the issue goes away.

Old Firmware

Updating your TV’s firmware will repair bugs, cover security holes, develop the TV’s performance, and improve its compatibility with other devices.

Weak and disturbed Signal

If your router and TV are far apart, you will have a rough time connecting it with the router. So, you’ll need an adapter like power over ethernet or network over coax to keep your link as firm as possible.

Location Settings of the LG TV

LG TV might face Wi-Fi connectivity issues if an incompatibility issue is seen in the location settings. The difference in the location of the tv and router may result in this problem.

Quick Start of the LG TV

Many recent gadgets, including LG TV, use a Quick Start feature to decrease the device’s boot time, but sometimes, this feature fails to load essential device firmware modules (including Wi-Fi), thus causing the issue at hand.

Auto Optimize Network Settings of your Router

If your router is configured to auto-optimize the network, it leads to various issues under discussion. The TV’s data packets by this auto-optimize function of the router may bring problems in the compatibility between the TV and router.

Corrupt Firmware of the  TV and Router

If the router’s or firmware is corrupt, it roots in one’s incompatibility with the other and causes Wi-Fi connection problems.

LG TVs mostly have difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi because of signal strength or router compatibility issues. You can solve most problems by resetting the TV’s settings and the security setting on your router.

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LG TV Wi-Fi Connection Issues [Solved]

Method 1: Perform a Cold Restart of your LG TV and Router

A temporary communication glitch may also be the reason your LG TV is not being connected to your Wi-Fi. Doing a cold restart may instantly solve the problem. The static current on the internal components will be discharged and pull it back to their default state.

  1. Firstly, get rid of the WIFI from the LG TV settings.
  2. Now turn off the LG TV and remove its power cable from its power source.unplug router
  3. Then remove all attached devices (like a USB, HDMI cable, etc.) from the TV and power off the router.
  4. Now unplug the router’s power cable from the source and remove any linked cables from the router’s ports.disconnect router
  5. Then wait 5-10 minutes and connect the power cable to the router/modem.
  6. Please wait until the router is powered on and its lights are constant. Do not join any device, either wired or wirelessly.
  7. Then link the TV’s power cable to a power source and power on the TV.
  8. Once the LG TV is powered on, recheck if it connects with the WIFI.

Method 2: Try Another Network

If the problem is caused due to a TV or router issue, linking the TV to another network (preferably, a phone’s hotspot) may clear the idea. To do so:mobile hotspot

  1. Enable your phone’s hotspot and connect the TV to the phone’s hotspot.
  2. If the connection was fruitful, then most probably, the router is the leading cause of the problem so that you can follow up with the router troubleshooting section in this article.
  3. If the TV did not link to a phone hotspot, then most possibly, a TV’s configuration or hardware failure is causing the problem, and you may follow the TV troubleshooting section of this article.

Method 3: Manage the LG TV Settings

Before jumping into more technical ways, ensure the TV is not linked to another Wi-Fi with the same SSID, password, or code as your Wi-Fi system.

Update the LG TV’s Firmware to the Newest Version

You may face a Wi-Fi connection issue on an LG TV if its firmware is outdated. Old firmware can generate incompatibility between the TV and the router. In such a situation, updating the LG TV’s firmware to the newest build may solve the problem. As the TV cannot link to the Wi-Fi, you may use a hotspot from a phone or connect the TV through an Ethernet cable.

  1. Go to Settings of the LG TV and open All Settings.
  2. Now head to the General tab and choose the About This TV option.lg tv settings for wifi issue
  3. Launch Allow Automatic Updates and select the Check for Updates control.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and install the update. Make sure the TV stays powered on during the process.
  5. Restart the LG TV and check if the LG TV is connecting with the Wi-Fi when the TV’s firmware is updated, 

Method 4: Manage the Location of TV

If the TV location does not match the router’s location, then that may result in a Wi-Fi connectivity issue. Besides, if a user does not recognize the license agreement as per the TV’s Location, then some of the TV’s features (including Wi-Fi) may not function properly, and the TV may not connect to Wi-Fi. In such a case, you can handle the problem by changing the country location of the TV.

  1. Go to LG TV Settings and open All Settings.
  2. Now choose the General tab and select location.general settings to change location on lg tv
  3. Then choose the Broadcast Country and LG Services Country to another country (e.g., in Nepal, then switch to Australia). Users may have to deactivate Automatic Time Zone or Region in some versions.
  4. If a license agreement is shown, make sure to approve (if agreed) the agreement, and the TV will restart (otherwise, restart it on your own).
  5. Upon restart, check if the Wi-Fi of the LG TV is working fine. If so, you may revert the country settings to the real ones.

Method 5: Restrict Automatic Date and Time of the LG TV

A date/time struggle between the LG TV and router may result in a Wi-Fi connectivity issue as the router may be unsuccessful in authenticating the data packets from the TV. In this case, restricting the automatic date and time of the LG TV and setting it up may solve the issue.

  1. Go to the LG TV’s Settings and head to the General tab.
  2. Then click on Time & Date and choose Clock.
  3. Now change the Auto option to Manual.turn off automatic date and time on lg tv
  4. Then set the correct date and time.
  5. Now save the changes that you made and restart your TV.
  6. After restarting, check if the Wi-Fi connection issue is solved.

Method 6: Restore the LG TV’s firmware to its factory default settings.

Your LG TV may not link to Wi-Fi if the TV’s firmware is corrupt. In this case, resetting the firmware of the LG TV to the factory defaults may resolve the issue. Before continuing, make sure to note down essential information.

  1. Go to LG TV Settings and open All Settings.
  2. Now navigate to the General tab and choose Reset to Initial Settings.lg tv factory reset
  3. Then confirm rearranging the TV to its factory defaults and wait until the process finishes.
  4. Upon completion, the TV will restart, and once restarted, check if its Wi-Fi connectivity issue is gone.

Method 7: Change the Router’s Settings and Switch to a Different Channel of the Router

The LG TV may fail to connect to the Wi-Fi if the frequency channel on which the router is transmitting the network is overcrowded or if electromagnetic interference from another appliance (like a microwave)/device is blocking that channel.

Setting the router to broadcast to a different channel may solve the problem. But before that, check if changing the SSID and password of the Wi-Fi and adding a TV to that Wi-Fi network solves the problem.

  1. Login to the router’s web portal and choose Advanced Settings.
  2. Then go to the Wireless option and open the Channel dropdown.
  3. Now choose any channel you like but avoid DFS channels.
  4. Now check if the Wi-Fi issue is resolved. But if you’re having difficulty finding a proper channel, you can even use a Wi-Fi analyzer app to find a good channel to check the connectivity.
  5. Once you find a proper channel apply the changes and restart your TV and your router.
  6. Once your devices get revived, check if the problem is solved.’
  7. If the problem still appears, try putting the router in legacy mode. It may also solve your problem.
dns setting on router

Method 8: Restrict DNS filtering in your router

DNS filtering is often used to restrict suspicious or malicious websites with inappropriate and harmful content. If DNS Filtering is activated, it may decline your TV request, resulting in connectivity issues.

In this case, restricting the use of DNS filtering may solve the case itself. The below-mentioned steps may vary a bit according to your router. However, it will work with most of the routers out there.

  1. Go to your browser and log in to your router’s web portal.
  2. Open its setups. Then, you’ll see the LAN tab in your left pane and the DNS Filter in your right pane.
  3. Now click on the DNS Filter and turn it off.
  4. Then restart both your tv and router.
  5. After rebooting, check if still the connectivity issue exists or not.

Method 9: Turn Off Protected Management Frames(PMF) in your router

Protected Management Frames(PMF) is an updated security feature that enables the integrity of the wifi-based network’s management. If the TV’s Wi-Fi module or data packages are incompatible with the PMF of the router, connection issues may be faced.

So turning it off may help you with the connectivity

disabling pmf in router
  1. Login to the web portal of the router and launch its settings page.
  2. Choose the wireless settings and click WLAN group
  3. Select the edit icon denoted by a pencil.
  4. Navigate to PMF
  5. Choose the radio button and disable PMF.
  6. Once done, restart and recheck the connectivity.

If the issue seems to presume even after following all the solutions, get your TV repaired by a Technician. Also, you can get a wired connection and enjoy in replacement for your Wi-Fi connection issue and enjoy.

Happy reading 🙂!



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