How to receive and make call from Windows 10 PC?

Microsoft Your Phone Companion app for Android device lets you to view Photos, SMS and notifications from your Windows 10 PC. The application lets you make and receive calls right from your PC which is the latest feature available simply named Calls. You can transfer calls between your PC and Mobile in case you need to access mobile.

Before starting you’ll need to download the app o your Android device. Also make sure that your Android device is running on Android Version 7.0 or higher and your PC is running Windows 10 Version 1803 or higher

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How to set up the Your Phone Companion app and link your phone and PC?

As we have already mentioned you need to download Your Phone Companion app on your Android device. You can download it from Google Play Store. Starting with Windows 10’s Your Phone app.
  • Open Your Phone app on Windows 10, click on Android on the right and click on Continue.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and then click on Send. Microsoft will send you a link that you’ll use to connect your Mobile and PC.
  • On your Mobile phone after receiving message link, click on the link, download the app and install it.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Grant permission if you want to let the app access your contact, phone calls, SMS and notification by clicking on Continue and then Allow.
  • Also click on Continue and then Allow if you want the app to run in the background.
  • Finally, click Allow to connect your Mobile with your PC then click Continue followed by Done.
  • In Windows 10 Your Phone app below your device name it will include a dialer icon labeled ‘Calls’ where you will go to make a call.
  • To place a call your devices must be connected via Bluetooth. Once it is connected open the Calls section in Your Phone app on your PC.
  • Follow the instruction that will send notification to your phone which needs approval followed by another request.
  • Now the dialer screen will appear and you are all set to place and receive call from Windows 10.

How to browse Android Mobile photos, notifications and messages on your Windows 10 PC?

  • Open your Phone app on Windows 10.
  • In the menu section click Photos, Notifications or Messages to access those items of your mobile phone from your Windows 10.
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