Facebook allows users to upload 3D photo on Facebook timeline, either it is profile timeline or group and page timeline. Users can easily upload a 3D image and share with others. From desktop browser or mobile phone application: both iOS and Android. From mobile app, Facebook has given the feature/ option to upload the 3D photo. Whereas desktop browser users will unable to find the direct feature/ option. But still you can upload a 3D image from desktop browser. Just the steps to follow will be a bit longer than in the mobile application.

Create and Post 3D image:

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So, to create a 3D photo and upload it using Facebook app in Android, you can follow steps below.

  1. First of all, you will need open the Facebook mobile app on your android phone. And also, login your Facebook account on it. The simple step is to tap on the “What’s on your mind?” section (if you are on your own news feed) where you create post.

  2. For the group that you mange, tap on the “Write something…” section. And if it is page then you should “Create a post” section. After these, the steps are same for all.

  3. You will need to scroll down and see for the “3D Photos” option. You will need to tap on it and the camera roll or gallery will open. There you will need to choose and select a photo that you would like to upload as 3D image.

  4. As you select, make sure you don’t edit or do anything. But you can write caption by the way. After that. You just need to tap on “Post” or “Share” button. Your 3D image will be posted after that.

Similarly, you can also upload a 3D photo from an iOS device using Facebook app.

You can follow steps below to upload a 3D photo from iOS device:

  1. At first, you will need to login your Facebook account on the Facebook mobile app. If you are posting it on your own timeline then, you can tap on the “What’s on your mind?” section. Same as you create a post in normal ways.

  2. If you are posting over a group then, you can tap “Write Something…” section. Similarly, “Create a post” for the page you manage.

  3. This will open the gallery where you can choose a photo that you want to upload as a 3D image. As, you select one, you will need to tap on the “Done” button. Then you will see the option “Make 3D” on top left of your chosen photo. You will need to tap on it.

  4. This will create the 3D image where it will be take some time (less than a minute). After the image turns 3D, you can tap on “Share” or “Post” button to share on the newsfeed or page or group.

In mobile application, a normal photo is auto generated/ turned in to 3D image. But in desktop, you will not find the option for 3D image. So, you will need to do a little more in desktop to upload a 3D image. You will need to save 2 files of same photo: one with normal .jpg or .png format. And another with “_depth” mapping.

You can follow step by step process to create a 3D photo on desktop and post it on Facebook, down below:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have a normal photo with “.jpg” or “.png” format. Secondly, you should have “_depth” mapping on second photo. Example: “gadnwid_depth.jpg” or “gadgets&widgets_depth.png”. Both photos should have same aspect ratio.

  2. As you save both photos on your desktop, you should open your computer browser and login your Facebook account. As you login, you should click on the “Photo/Video” option on the top of your newsfeed. Even same with the page and group you manage.

  3. So, as you click on that, you will need to select the particular two photos (the image and the depth mapped image). You can also drag and drop those images on the create post section.

  4. As the photos gets added, 3D image will be created. It will take few seconds to create it. When it completes you will directly see the 3D image and moves according with your mouse point.

  5. After that you can write some captions and then click on the “Post” button. This will post your 3D image on the newsfeed. And people will be able to see the image in 3D as you posted.

Though the desktop process is a bit longer than the mobile app ones. The 3D image will be created in any medium you want: iOS, Android and Desktop.

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But you should keep in mind that:

  • 3D images should not be edited before or even after it is created. So, ignore editing inside Facebook and also other third-party apps. Sometimes edited photos are not able to convert into a 3D photo.
  • While sharing 3D photos, don’t add multiple photos in a single post. One 3D photo can only be shared at a time.
  • When posting from desktop, make sure you have both photos in same ratio.
  • 3D photo can’t be boosted. So, if you are uploading it on a page, you won’t get boost option.
  • Also, 3D photo can’t be added to an album. So, you might not see the 3D photo on your Facebook album inside your timeline.


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