We all know, google had already released the first developer preview of Android 11. But only Google devices supports the Android 11 developer preview which includes Pixel 2/2XL, 3/3XL, 3a and 4/4XL.
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As the Android Developer Preview came early including several new features. This time focusing on privacy and security, enhanced support for 5G. And foldable smartphones developers are eager to install the build. OTA update of the build is not available as the previous Android version, users will have to flash the Android 11 OS image manually.

Installing Android 11 on your device


  • Supports only Google Pixel device.
  • USB debugging should be turned on
  • ADB and Flastboot tools must be installed on the PC


Downloading the supported OTA file

Over-The-Air (OTA) file of Android 11 build for your specific Google Pixel devices can be downloaded from here.
Note: First Pixel is not supported for testing Android 11 Developer Preview 1.

Booting into Recovery Mode

To boot into recovery mode, you should power off the device then hold the Power button and volume down button to get into the Bootloader page. By using the volume button choose the Recovery mode in the menu and hit the power button.
Now, you should hold down the Power button and Volume key simultaneously. After that some seconds you will enter the recovery menu. Apply update from ADB sideload and press the power button to enter.

Side loading Android 11 File

Ensure that the Android 11 OTA file is located in the ADB tools folder. Then connect your Pixel device to the PC via a USB cable. Open Command Prompt as administrator on your PC. Type the command “adb devices”. Enter “adb sideload file name.zip”. Select Reboot now option from the Android recovery menu once the installation is complete.
Since, it is an early build of Android 11 therefore contains lots of bugs and glitches. To get a more stable Android 11 version you should wait for the beta program. And the installation process will be more easier.


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