There was a time when people flipped through phonebooks and searched for businesses in the local area. And companies would go to customers’ homes and provide information about their business and brand. But that time is long gone now.

For many, the Internet has become the first choice. Nowadays, customers themselves are looking for companies online.

Lately, the practice of online search or local search engine of local business has been increasing. According to a Hubspot statistic, 72 percent of customer shop only after searching online.

Most users use Google’s search engine for information. So if you are also looking to promote your business then Google may be the right medium.

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Google inspects the user reviews and tag the business as trusted. Google search and user reviews are just like the traditional word of mouth.

Tips to increase Google Reviews

The more user reviews local businesses can get, the better they perform in search results. In this article we will go through some tips to increase Google reviews.

Claim your Google My Business Profile

You must first claim your Google My Business profile. This profile is available completely free of charge.

After claiming a profile, it allows you to update basic information such as your address, business hours and your website. You can also upload photos from your store.

After filling in the basic information, it will be known that it is your official profile. This way users who view your profile can review it.

Send email reminder

After finishing a financial transaction by ordering goods from your store, no one can review your profile. They want to use it well before giving a review.

That’s why Metacritique has recently changed its review policy for video games, so that players can only review within 36 hours of the game going public.

For local businesses, it’s a good idea to send an email reminder a few days or weeks after the transaction.

Give positive reviews to their outlets

People want their ideas to reach everyone. Small and medium enterprises get additional benefits from SEO and customer reviews.

A lot of positive reviews can lead to a win-win situation. Good reviews serve as a marketing tool for the company.

The more reviews people give, the more they inspire others to experiment.

Use a physical reminder for digital reviews

You cannot always collect email addresses to respond to customers. But you can increase the review by using some old school techniques.

For example, contractors and service companies always give business cards to clients after work.

Don’t forget to include a Google Review card with these essential cards. Such cards have links and short instructions for online review.

Give feedback on the google reviews

Regardless of whether you get a positive or negative review, always respond to the Google review you receive.

An analysis by the Howard Business Review found that hotels that respond to customers’ Google reviews received an additional 12 percent more reviews and their ratings rose 0.12 percent.

Go up and wide

The Internet has made the experience even better. That’s why Google reviews your business only for those who are happy or disappointed with your service.

So always try to bring quality in the service by winning the customer’s expectation. It motivates them to respond well.

This will make them loyal and bring them back to you in the future. This kind of honesty is needed for every local business to flourish.

In that, online review is helps to understand the business in a transparent manner. As you increase the number of business reviews on Google, so does your business in Google search.

So the number of customers coming to you to make good use of Google Review starts to increase and the business starts to reach new heights.

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