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how to go live on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms worldwide. It is the most downloaded and highest-grossing app of 2021. TikTok is a short video-making platform (15 sec to 3 mins) available on both iOS and Android. Before TikTok, there was Musical.ly which later merged with TikTok and became available worldwide.

In short, TikTok allows users to post short videos and go live stream as well. Their people can showcase their acting skills, lip-sync skills, used as a marketing platform, and many others through short videos. Nowadays, people also broadcast live videos and are making decent money through live sessions.

If you are a TikTok user and have wondered how do you go live on TikTok then you are in the right place.

Unlock TikTok Live

The most common term these days is TikTok live and how to go live stream on TikTok? So basically, Tiktok allows users to go live stream only after reaching some criteria. The requirement to go live on Tiktok is, one should have at least 1,000 TikTok followers in their  TikTok   account. This will unlock the Tiktok live in that particular account. 

Some might have a random thought about how to go live on Tiktok without 1000 followers. Tiktok doesn’t provide a broadcast live video option unless you reach 1000 followers. However, you might have seen some of the users streaming live videos without 1000 followers. And be asking how did they go live on Tiktok without 1000 followers?

This might be the case if the account is older than the time when Musically and Tiktok merged. If the particular TikTok or Musically account was created before the merge took place, then the user can live stream Tiktok. They don’t need to have 1000 followers to broadcast live videos on Tiktok. 

So, one should grow Tiktok followers on their own by posting creative and interesting short videos on their account. Interesting videos will automatically gain more audience and might be a faster way to gain followers on Tiktok.

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How to Go Live on TikTok: A Step-by-step Guide

As you reach the 1000 followers count, you will unlock the live streams Tiktok videos option. So, if you have reached the follower count and still trying to figure out “How do I do live on Tiktok?”, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your Tiktok app and make sure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Then you will need to tap on the plus “+” sign where you add your normal TikTok Video.
  3. As you tap that, you will see your camera opened and also will see “Camera”, “Templates” and “LIVE” options at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You will need to tap on the “LIVE” option and then you will see the “Go LIVE” button.

This is how you go live on TikTok. The live stream will start immediately after you tap on that button. By going live, you can grow the TikTok account more. 

Set Up a Live Stream

Every time you go live on Tiktok, make sure you have a properly set up live stream. Tiktok live streaming is the same as other social media live streaming. Social media live streaming always has some rules to be followed by the streamer and the audience both. Generally, live stream audiences will get the rules on their screen as they join the live video. For streamers, they should follow rules provided before streaming live. Any action that goes against the guidelines will ban the user from getting live or also result in getting banned from their whole TikTok account.

tiktok guideline rules

While streaming live, one should have a proper topic, so that the interested users can easily find the live video. TikTok live video can have a video title and a cover photo too.

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Add a Cover Photo and Video Title

If you are doing it for the first time, you might not know how to add a cover photo and a video title to the live stream. Here, you can follow the steps to go live on Tiktok with a video title and a cover photo:

  1. As you reach the live stream screen on your device, you will see the “Go LIVE” button.
  2. Before tapping on it, you can check the top of the screen where it will mention “Cover Photo” and “Write a Title”.
  3. So, tap on the cover photo option and choose the photo from the gallery or use the camera to click a recent photo.add cover photocover photo for tiktok live
  4. As you select one, tap save and you will be returned to the same Go Live screen. 
  5. There you will need to tap on the “Write a Title” box to add a title. add title on your live video
  6. Add a Title for your video. add a title
  7. Then you can go live by tapping on the  “Go LIVE” button.

Make sure you choose the correct title for your live stream video. This will attract a genuine audience with the mentioned topic title. 

Add Filters to Your Video

You can also add filters to your video and live stream videos. Some filters are perfect to make your video quality better. Some filters can brighten up your video quality, which the live stream audience might like more. To add filters to your live broadcast:

  1. You will see the filter icon in the bottom area of the screen.filter to your live video on tiktok
  2. From there you can choose the perfect filter for your TikTok video.enhance filter

You can also add filters before starting a live video. For that you can see on the right part of the screen with the effects / enhance icon. enhance your tiktok quality Then you can select the filter you like.best filters of tiktok

End Your Broadcast

Most people might get confused about how to end live on TikTok too.

  1. So, you will see some buttons given at the bottom of the screen. You will see a power button icon.
  2. You will need to tap on it and then you will be shown with confirmation to end live streams Tiktok.

Then you need to confirm it to end it.

The Benefits of Broadcasting a Live Video

By broadcasting live videos on Tiktok, you can grow your Tiktok account and gain more followers on your account. Tiktok won’t interfere with your live sessions unless you break the guidelines set by Tiktok themselves. So, you can utilize full benefits by broadcasting a live video on Tiktok. You can rather promote some kinds of stuff, or just play the games with the live stream audience. 

The main benefit I see by going live on Tiktok is earning money. Most of the people just go live and start playing games and entertaining live stream audiences to make money from TikTok. Making Money from Tiktok has been one of the highlighted reasons for going live on Tiktok. Not only Tiktok, but other social media live streaming platforms provide live streamers to earn money by entertaining audiences.

By entertaining, other users through your live video will gain followers on your TikTok account and grow your TikTok account. You can interact with followers live in Tiktok through comments and also by making them join the live stream. Meaning, you can go on a dual live on TikTok. 

How to Dual live on TikTok?

Tiktok allows two users to go live at the same time in the same frame. Dual live can be done with anyone like friends or someone from the audience. You can follow the steps to go live on TikTok with someone:

  1. First of all, successfully go on live broadcasting. Then you will see two overlapping circles on the bottom left side of the screen. Tap on it.
  2. Then you will be asked to “Add Host” or “Add Guests”. 
  3. If you choose “Host”, you can go live on TikTok with another user that you know. 
  4. If you choose “Guests”, you will be going live with someone from the audience.

This is how to duet live on Tiktok.

So, how to join live on TikTok for viewers? You can simply request to join the live by tapping on the request to join button on the screen.request to join live on tiktok

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Frequently asked questions:

Going live on TikTok:

How can I go live on Tiktok?

You can follow the steps mentioned above in the “How to Go Live on TikTok” to live stream videos on Tiktok.

Why can’t I go live on Tiktok? 

It’s probably because you haven’t gained 1000 followers yet. If you have 1000 followers, then soon TikTok will allow you to go live.

How long can you go live on Tiktok? 

One can go live on Tiktok as much as they like. There are no limits on how long a Live video should be. None of the other social media live streaming platforms have limits to the length. 

How to go live on TikTok with friends?

You can easily go live with another person and share the screen. You can see the points mentioned above in the “Dual Live” topic.

Why did I get notified by someone going live on TikTok?

Tiktok allows live streamers to notify other users that they are live or not. If the live streamer selected notify users then you will be notified as per users selected. In this way, you can also notify others that you are live on TikTok right now.

When is the best time to go live on Tiktok?

There is no specific time to go live on TikTok. You can go anytime. But the most preferred time will be either morning or evening. As people will be busy during the day at working hours. Also, the best day will be weekends.

What is the requirement to go live on Tiktok?

You will activate and be able to go live on TikTok when you surpass the 1000 followers requirement.

Can I go live on TikTok without 1000 followers?

Yes, you need to have 1000 followers to go Live on Tiktok if your account is newly created after the merge of Musical.ly and Tiktok. If you had your account before the merge existed, then you can go live even without having 1000 followers.

Grow Tiktok Account and Followers:

How to grow a Tiktok Account? 
To grow a Tiktok Account, one should upload entertaining videos to their account for the viewers. After viewers watch them, they will share and like, and talk about the particular video.

How to gain followers through Live on Tiktok? Does going live on Tiktok help gain followers?
During the live session, it is easier to gain followers by interacting with them. If you are live on appealing topics and able to motivate users, providing useful information on TikTok live will gain you more followers.

Making Money Tiktok:

Is it possible to make money through TikTok Live?
Most of the social media live streaming platforms are designed for making money. Tiktok also allows streamers to earn money while live streaming. The viewers send gifts that are exchangeable for the coins in their accounts. The same gifts will be exchanged with coins later it becomes money that you have earned. 

Request and Join Live Tiktok stream:

How to request to join live on Tiktok?
While you watch someone’s stream, you will see the “Request to join” text with a button. If you tap that, a request will be sent to the live streamer. After the approval of the request, you’ll be in their live.

How to watch someone live on Tiktok without them knowing?
Tiktok doesn’t allow users to hide information when they join live streams. The live streamer will be able to see who has joined their live stream. if you want to hide your information on streams and then you can use a different username for your account. Or just use the default username that Tiktok provides while you open your account.

How to find someone live on Tiktok?
You can either follow the particular creator or turn on all the alerts and notifications from that user. Or that particular user should send you an alert about their live. Or the easiest way to find someone who is live on Tiktok is to search for that particular person.

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