Android has been on the smartphone’s market nearly about more than decades now. And android has been one of the leading smart phone OS now. Android provides tons of features to the android users. Safe mode is one of those features that android has for the users to understand their android running phones. To enable Safe mode, it can be turned on by any android user by themselves. It is easy to turn on and turn off and is very useful.

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Most of the android users still doesn’t know about the safe mode feature on android. This blog will get you know about the Safe Mode feature, how to turn on and how to turn off and also why, when, where to use android safe mode.

What is safe mode?

Android safe mode is a feature that can be turned on by anyone on their preferred devices. Android safe mode is used just to know if the android on the device has some problem or not. It means, to check your android phone is having some issues or not.
By enabling the safe mode on android, it will disable all the third-party applications which means it will remove all the self-installed applications for temporary till you enable the safe mode. The third-party apps will come back again after the safe mode is disabled.
When safe mode is enabled, you can simply encounter the issue/s on your android phone is because of the third-party application or just it’s a fault in android system in your phone. As the third-party apps are removed temporarily, you might not face the issue if the issue was generated from the third-party apps. If you face issues even after enabling the safe mode, then you can simply get that the issue is on your android system.
After you get the result, you better update your android software or just give to the technician team who will check your phone to recover it in a best way. Safe mode is the best way to know where is the problem in your mobile device.

How to enable safe mode on android?

Enabling a safe mode on android has different ways.

First way:

1.     First, unlock your device and hold down the power button. The first step is to power off your mobile phone. So, make your android device turn off.
2.     Now, turn on your device normally as you usually do, by holding power button. The main important step to enable the safe mode is, you should hold your volume low key button while your device is turning up.
3.     You should exactly start holding the volume low key button when you see the first text on the mobile screen. You should hold till the mobile phone is completely turned on.
As the phone is turned on, you will see the “Safe mode” text in 50% opacity in lower area of the screen.

Second way:

1.     So, in this method, you can simply unlock your device and start holding the power button. You will get to see the option to shut down the phone, restart and airplane mode, or even other options also.
2.     From the option, you need to tap and hold on the shut down option. Then you will simply get the safe mode option popped up in the screen.
3.     Then you need to tap on the shown option and simply you will enable safe mode on your mobile phone.
You will know the safe mode is enabled when you will see the “Safe mode” text in the lower are of the screen.

Third way:

This method is applicable for the owner of some Samsung flagship mobiles. Because you will be needing the assistance of Bixby for this method. Bixby is an intelligence assistant by Samsung for Samsung phones.
1.     So, you simply use the Bixby assistant by long pressing the Bixby button on your phoneand the Bixby voice assistant will pop up.
2.     There you need to ask Bixby to “turn on safe mode” by voice command. Bixby will get the voice command and give the pop-up option to turn on the safe mode.
3.     You will need to tap the safe mode option to enable it. Device will restart automatically to enable it.
You will know if the safe mode is enabled by seeing the “Safe mode” text on the screen.
So, you can use safe mode to find the issue on your android phone. This will help you a lot on your device to know the issue and if it can be resolve or not. And as you got to know the issue using safe mode, you can disable it easily by yourself in two ways.

To Disable Safe Mode:

1.     Simply, swipe down the notification panel from the top of the screen and tap on the notification banner showing the safe mode. This tap will pop up an option to disable the safe mode. From there, you can simply disable the safe mode.
2.     Or, you can just shut down your device by holding the power button, where you will get the option to shut down the phone. You shall shut down and turn it back again to disable the safe mode.
Your mobile will get reboot while disabling the safe mode.
Hope you got to know about, when, how and whereto use safe mode. Check other posts as well. 
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