Instagram new feature: Instagram Reels is on testing phase. Where some of the countries got chance to test the early version of Instagram Reel. Users can use Reels feature to shot 15 seconds long video. It is rivalry app for TikTok from Instagram Facebook Team.

You can check steps below to create Instagram Reels:

  1. First of all, open the Instagram app.
  2. Then tap on camera icon or go for the add post icon.
  3. There you will see “Reels” feature along with the Boomerang, Live and other features
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  4. Tap on “Reels” option and then tap on the Audio option.
  5. There you can search for the audio you want to use from Instagram Music Library. You can also use own audio by recording a short video.
  6. You will see the timer option to record your video, similar as TikTok. Also, you will see speed up and speed down feature to manage the sound speed.
  7. As you record a reel with a preferred audio, you can review the video. While reviewing, you can add AR effects and filter as well.
  8. As you finish reviewing it, you can share the video to your followers or even on explore section.

So, this is how you use the Instagram Reel feature to create a reel (short-video) for your followers. This feature is very similar to the TikTok.

So, TikTok has a new rival from Facebook Team. Instagram Reels just got launched in India and it gained popularity very fast. Because, recently Indian Government banned 59 Chinese application where TikTok was in it.

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Most TikTok user used the same app using VPN whereas some users transferred to similar apps. And as Instagram Reels got launched, people instantly started using Reel. And Most of the TikTok users are now using Instagram Reels and gaining popularity on Instagram itself.

Note: Instagram Reels is on testing phase where only some of the countries from world got to test the feature. Still many countries didn’t got it so far.


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