Every now and then new flagship devices from Apple, Google and Samsung are releasing along with high quality budget devices to target wide range of audience, which has made the users challenging job to choose the right smartphones. So, we are here to help choose the right smartphone within the budget for you.
Before buying a smartphone within the budget everyone should determine your priorities first. Every modules of the phone should be checked like camera, screen size, processor, price and many more.

Quick Guides to choose smartphone within the budget.

Mobile carriers:

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Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are some of the well-known mobile carrier out there. Among these carriers Verizon is the best wireless carrier for speed and coverage whereas T-mobile is the best overall value and AT&T is the world’s biggest telecom with excellent coverage just about everywhere. Sprint is recognized as the cheapest mobile carrier.

Operating System:

Gadgets & widgets, iOS, AndroidAll the mobile devices requires an operating system to run. Apple devices runs on iOS whereas other brands mobile devices runs on Android. There are various versions of android devices. We all know that hottest apps are first available for iOS and then developed for Android. Thus for easy user interface and hottest apps iOS is suitable. Similarly, if you want more choices and more affordable options then Android is a good choice.

Size and Display Type

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LCD and AMOLED are two types of display available in the market. AMOLED display offers sharper contrast and more saturated colors whereas LCD screen tends to be brighter and display content better when in direct sunlight. AMOLED can save juice over LCD if used in the correct way. Images gets pop up in AMOLED displays showing the correct colours resulting in better graphics.
If you tend to use your phone single handed and use it to read Facebook posts, WhatsApp then smaller screen is suitable but If you are multimedia guy and plays lots of games, want extra ordinary graphics then larger displays with AMOLED is suitable for you.

Functions and Designs

Smartphones are resembling one another and the choice available is influenced by the market trend. A metal bodied smartphone with glass panel looks stylish and more trendy but prevents you from using some features such as microSD and headphone jack, in addition providing premium feel. A plastic bodied smartphone are cheaper in feel but comes with various colors and design patterns.

RAM and Processors:

Snapdragon 865, Qualcomm 865, Gadgets & Widgets
Chipset from Snapdragon 865
gadgets & widgets, LPDDR5 RAM
LPDDR5 RAM from Micron

Processor with combination of higher RAM offers good performance. The Bionic chipset in the Apple devices are the fastest. Talking about the android Snapdragon, Kirin, MediaTek and Samsung Exynos are available in the market. All the latest from Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset are safe. Processer capability sometimes limits software updates thus latest processor is required for long run of the device.

Internal Storage:

UFS 3.1 chips, gadget & widgets
U.F.S. 3.1 chip
We all have a common perception bigger is better. The larger the internal memory more files and documents alongside photos can be stored. Different variant of storage for different devices are available. Some of the devices also has expandable storage via microSD. However, larger internal memory is recommended over using a microSD card.
At the same time, if you have doubt at which model 128 GB or 256 GB of internal storage is suitable for you than just think about how much of the space you’ll actually use. But 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage is considered idle scrutinizing smartphones on the market if you aren’t much of a gamer.

Battery Life:

Most of the people make most out of their smartphones and it is only possible only if the battery contains right amount of juice in it.  Higher number of mAh doesn’t means better battery life cycle. The battery depends on the various factors – higher the screen resolution consumes more power, latest the processor battery is optimized well. Similarly, higher the refresh rate more the battery is consumed.
Thus, reviews and benchmarks results gives ideas about how these factors performs. Another features to look at is the charging technology used. Fast charging along with 4,000 mAh battery powered device seems to be the standard

Camera and image processing:

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Device featuring multiple cameras
Smartphones are becoming more like a digital cameras with the features like manual mode, hybrid autofocus, portrait mode, optical stabilization, special effects and many more with the ability to process RAW images. There is a misconception that higher the megapixel better the photos which is totally wrong. The type of sensor used along with the lenses plays a vital role for better photos. Before buying a device it is essential to find all the specification and photos from review to determine the saturation and dynamic range of the photo.


Latest version of Android operating system is preferred over its predecessor and sames goes for iOS along with other features like built-in fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, UV sensor, etc. If you like reading e-books directly on Android then search for interface that allows you to adjust the hue of the display and implements night mode. Before buying don’t go on appearances and investigate the system and explore the software in depth to find the hidden features.

Price in contrast to performance

Budget limits the features present in the smartphones. So, it all upon you how much you want to spent on your next smartphone and choose according to your needs. If you are a gamer and don’t need an A graded camera then you should focus on spending on those devices with higher performance. If you are photo enthusiasts then your main focus should be on camera module. The choice is all yours but you should know that for any price range there are better devices than others.

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